Good morning readers, Eid Mubarak to everyone. Today is personal blog day and I have chosen a very sympathetic topic to talk on, I hope I will connect with you all at a certain level so let’s get started.

Restriction, stop, not allowed are some of the familiar words which we hear very often the simplest meaning of this term is that you are not supposed to do anything which your guardians, caretakers or important person have told you not to do so. We all are bounded by restrictions in our everyday life, even if sometimes we think of breaking the restriction and doing as per our basis the second thought we get is of the consequences which can happen post going out of restriction. We all are so adapted to these rules and conditions that now we think twice before trying to break out, this is my observation and has experienced it too. Did you ever think why these restrictions were invented in the first place? why don’t our friends, our partners or let me put it in more simple form why don’t people who belong to us in the outside world do not put restriction to us? I was trying to get the answer to my question and you won’t believe me where did I found my answer, I got the answer from my inner me and. The answer was mistifying but somewhere true, the answer is people in the outside world will not be available for us when we need them some might be available but in most scenarios in my life, I have seen that when I m stressed out or when I need advice, my parents, my best friend and my loved ones are there for me 24/7 no matter what. This answer taught me a lot of things we are restricted by people who care for us as they know which is good and which is a bad path for us and I feel blessed by having such people in my life who puts restriction on me and such restriction which can turn me into a good person, a person who knows her limit and values the people who put these condition by trusting on her that it won’t get shatter.

You might have noticed that from around the last 8 months we all have got a big restriction in our life I have mention it so many times in my blog that now you all know the answer. Yes, we are restricted in our house in one place but isn’t this restriction is for the good being of us, according to me very much it is. There was a time I was about to break the restrictions over me by doing various crap things but then I started to hear the voice of people who trust me and they know restriction imposed on me will never be loosened so I drop the idea of getting rid of it. I have known some people who break restrictions enjoy their life have fun at the next level, but can’t we have fun being in restriction can’t we enjoy by remembering them if you ask me we can! I’m somewhere feeling very privileged to say that if I’m a good person today if people love me, my personality it’s all because of restriction I’m bounded with.

What are your thoughts on restriction? do you feel restriction can make a person into a better personality? let me know in comments.

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  1. M just glad I found musafir-diaries♥️♥️♥️….very well written and it just fits with everybody’s situation right now ❤️


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