Unknown Paths

Good evening and sorry for the late post, I was having a presentation to give in the morning so writing the blog now. Did you notice something that we are just one week away from Diwali, the year is on the verge of getting end but the news of corona getting end has not arrived yet. We can hope it will end soon. Today’s topic is on travel so let’s begin.

Paths what are they? Are they important to us? I got these questions popping up in mind yesterday, like really why paths were created in the first place. The basic use of path is just that they lead to us our destination; they are made so that we can reach our place in short time with fewer hurdles. Sometimes paths are short while sometimes they are found to be never-ending, short paths are easy to pass there will be not many difficulties and fun will also be less. But if we talk about long paths, paths with a lot of turns and twists they always seem to be never-ending and there is always much more excitement to travel on long routes, routes whose endings are not very closer than to shorter ones which get finish quickly. Paths are considered as the ‘EYES’ of travel because each trip a person undertakes goes through a path, a road which is sometimes known to him while sometimes they are unknown. Paths have the power to make journey beautiful with lots of memories to capture, lots of stories to store in your box of exploration and paths also makes one feel every moment he/she spends on the road. A road which no one knows where it leads to, a road which has stories to speak, memories to share, a road which can bring a smile on the faces of travelers.

Happiness = Unknown Roads

You must have heard people saying unknown roads or paths are dangerous, you don’t know where they can lead you to, you can get in trouble and many such things. But let me tell one true fact most happening things, more excitement to undertake a journey on the unknown path is much more than that on the known path. It’s simple who will be interested in going to the same paths, same route and again, I know we all pass through same road same route to reach our destination of work, education or something else but tell me something did you ever tried to take a different route to your routine destination? It’s like taking a long route or short route which you avoid taking mostly for your everyday destination if you haven’t tried yet my friend you are missing the fun of enjoying the roads, the moments which you come across while going to your place of work. I know you will say there is no excitement in going to work via same route every day or changing the route even for one day the basic agenda to go to work is to earn money and satisfy needs, you are absolutely right. Now take 5 seconds of your life and think that just satisfying your needs, your loved ones need is enough? According to me no, life is not just about living or satisfying needs it’s about living each moment, living in present, taking a risk and undergoing paths which are new, which are yet to explore. This is my personal experience that if you try new things like to go to new cafe, trying a new style of clothes on yourself, trying a new dish can make one happy at least it makes me happy so obviously, it can make you happy too at the end we all are human so I will suggest you all to keep changing not in behavior but in choices of things and always keep trying something new.

Let me know in comments would you dare to take unknown paths, routes which have no sign ending? Till then be safe and be healthy….

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