Night lights of Mumbai.

Hello readers, it’s a Thursday afternoon actually a lazy afternoon. This week has been very slow and at the same time hectic for me, I was piled with various assignments and still have many to do. Also your writer (i.e. me) have finally completed its Bachelors Degree and received the graduation certificate last week.

It’s the end of three beautiful years of my life. Those morning lectures, those laughs and giggles, bitching, having street food, sharing happy and bad moments. I’m gonna cherish them for life, those friendships, those bonds are still gonna be with me forever.  This story of bond is for some other time now let’s start a new blog topic!

Today’s blog is my first and one of its kind. It was my first ever experience in exploring the different side of the city which I had only heard about or seen in videos. Yes from the title you might have got the idea I explored the nightlife of Mumbai especially the lights. 

I must say the city looks more delightful and beautiful at night because it gives you a peace of mind and helps you feel light and relaxing. I went for my first ever night out last weekend with my childhood friends. It was like a combination of fathers with their kids and nobody else. 

Best part of this night out for me was I especially took leave from my hostel just to enjoy this one night feeling alive after so long and that too with my favorite ones. I started my night out around 8: 30 pm  and I was back by 5: 00 am in the morning. 

I had good food, talks, a long drive and especially much needed good me time. As It was my first time  I was very excited, this was the time I realized that even nights can be beautiful and in a city like Mumbai nights are pretty!

I found the lighting very attractive, the street lights were making the city look charming like never before. Street lights and roads were combining with each other so well just like a fish that plays with water. 

After a long time, I feel so satisfied to share my new experience, a new story with you all. This is what I crave for, wait for that I travel more and come back and talk with you all about it!

This was my time guys, have fun reading my new blog and let me know your thoughts about the night of the city that never sleeps…

Also this  blog is of series, so a new blog coming super soon!

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