Top 6 food you need to try this Baisakhi!

Bonjour readers, I know it’s not the blog day, but Thursday is Baisakhi, Punjabi new year so I thought let’s post it in advance. I hope you all are doing well and the week is being fair to you. Talking about today’s theme, I’m always about my culture, its festivals and traditions. 

This time I’m more excited to go home and be with my family during this festive period, finally I will be able to experience that feeling and happiness to return back home to be with the family during festive time. 

Today’s topic will be adore by all the foodies out there, the blog is a small food guide regarding special food dishes which are prepared during Baisakhi. 

Baisakhi is a harvest festival which comes in the month of April. People belonging from Sikh and Punjabi community celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. It is also called Punjabi New year. Festival appears in the first month of Hindu calendar Baisakh.

Not only Baisakhi but the entire country celebrates festivals in some or other way during this period. Such as Vishu in Kerala, Bohag Bihu in Assam and much more. 

Punjabis are known for their food and hospitable culture. The food of the Punjabi community is rich in protein and delicious in taste. When it comes to festivals, the food is prepared even with more love and enthusiasm.

Here is a list of dishes which are must try in Baisakhi


Kadhi can be said as one of the most recommended curry in the Punjabi community and it’s my personal favorite. I can eat kadhi anytime and anywhere you can say it as my go to food. Kadhi suits jeera rice well and tastes yummy at the same time. Kadhi rice name is enough to crave your hunger for this delicious dish.

Meethe Peele Chawal 

Meethe Peele Chawal aka Sweet Yellow Rice is the festive dish and is usually prepared during the time of festive. It’s a dish which is usually prepared by the elders in the family. In my family grandma prepare this dish with love and secret magic of hers that makes dish smell good and look mouth watering 


Lassi is a healthy drink which is recommended during summer. It helps you to stay hydrated and keeps you fresh. Earlier Lassi used to be in plain milk with salt or sugar in it. Currently there are more than 10 flavors of Lassi I have heard, right from Mango, Rose to banana.

Kada Prasad 

Kada Prasad is a holy dish which is made of flour and is served in gurudwaras to all the devotees  and is served hot. Many people prepare Kada prasad and donate it in the gurdwara on the eve of Baisakhi.

Pindi Chana

Pindi Chana is the signature cuisine of Punjab. It is prepared with chickpeas and paste of various spices such as garlic, ginger, cardamom and much more. You can eat with hot roti as well as make chat by adding onions, tomato and squeezing lemon over it. 

Seviyan Kheer

Seviyan Kheer is the favorite dessert of Punjabi Cuisine and it is well served with Cashewnut (Kaju), Almond (Badam), Raisins(kishmish). Kheer is my personal favorite dessert and I choose it over any other varieties of dessert.

I hope this might have filled your mouth with water and you are currently craving for all of the above dishes just like me. Let me know in the comments which dish you like the most, or which dish you would like to try!

Happy Baisakhi dear readers, may waheguru ji bless you with lots of love and happiness….

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