Top 6 beach destinations in India…

Beaches are one of the most beautiful and calming creations by Mother Nature ever. Imagine yourself standing at a place alone,you can hear the chirping of birds,feeling of cold waves touching your skin and feet is amazing isn’t it? That’s the magic of beaches. It can make you calm and help you to relax, forgetting all your worries.

Beaches in our country stand at a very special place in terms of tourism. Whether you talk east, west or down south beaches are increasing their value of presence day by day. You do not require any fees to visit the beach all you need to do is enjoy yourself and keep the vicinity clean. 

Here is a list of beaches in India which are pristine, popular and must visit.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

The French colony of southern India offers its visitors clean and pristine beaches. Among which one such beach is Paradise beach, name is enough to define the calmness of the beach. Backwater beach surrounded with large coconut trees helps you to sit and enjoy the bliss of the waves with your loved ones, family and friends. You can also undertake various water adventure activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, boating and much more.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Gokarna is a pilgrimage beach town in Karnataka. The place was not at all famous until the last few years. But slowly it gained its value and became one of the most beautiful beach spots in the country. Beach activities for youngsters and pilgrimage for elders is the best combination you can have here. Plan your one day picnic to this serenity spot and have fun by undertaking some activities.

Puri Beach, Odisha

If you are visiting Odisha, your trip cannot be completed without exploring this long beach coastline. A perfect spot to enjoy the sunset and sunrise with your loved ones. A romantic peaceful walk with your partner is a recommended activity to do. You can see the beach alive during the annual Puri beach festival which takes place during November. Considered as an excellent place to enjoy water activities.

Digha Beach, West Bengal

If capturing moments is your hobby, head to Digha beach in West Bengal where you can find yourself surrounded by a charming sunrise and ending it with a careful sunset. You can visit the spot with your family and friends and enjoy the whole day playing games, making sea castle, having chill beer or juice and making your mind relax. Shop some beach souvenirs from local handicraft shops while coming back.

Tarkali Beach, Malvan

In the state of Maharashtra in Konkan region lies a beach known for its clear water and narrow coastline. One of the oldest and most visited beaches in the area is Tarakarli beach. Along with the beach lies the important Sindhurug sea fort which was an important part of Maratha Empire. An ideal place to spend vacation with your family. Undertake the famous water sport activities while exploring this beach town.

Benaulim Beach, South Goa

Everyone know about the importance and attractive vibes of North Goa, but South Goa is another part which is untouched and hence is much less crowded and remains deserted. One such beach in South Goa is Benaulim is such a beach location which can make you feel like the beach is your own property. It is place where you will want to sit and just have your perfect me time. Next while visiting Goa do visit this beach.

Undertake your beach vacation to these beach destinations this year  and make yourself relax by enjoying the pure bliss of beach vibes.

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2 thoughts on “Top 6 beach destinations in India…

  1. Beaches in West Bengal offer the most tempting of sunsets and seashores. Bengal is endowed with some of the most famous beaches. Most of the beaches of Bengal are exotic and presents a spectacular effect. The sun kissed beaches of Digha, Sankarpur, Junput, Bakkhali and a lot many lures the travellers to take a break in the lap of nature. These mostly offer wide, flat, hard beaches, a gently rolling sea, rows of casuarina forests and a pleasant, warm weather round the year.


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