Praying to Garba: The key Aspect of Navratri

Today is the 7th day of Navratri, days are passing by so fast that we have almost reacgd the end of the festival. Today’s blog is the continous series of previous blog. So, sit back and enjoy.

We have always been aware of the fact that Navratri is the festival of bringing Goddess Durga home, offering her our prayers, enjoying the nine days by playing Garba, smashing each other in fun with red vermillion, fasting, eating healthy food and many such.

 But have you ever come across the concept of praying to Garba along with dancing on it? Yes, there is a ritual of bringing Garba along with the goddess to home. The actual term for this process is Garbo, an earthen pot which is decorated and a lamp is lighted inside it. You can find Garbo places near the idol of Goddess in homes, big Garba or dandiya grounds.

What is Garbo?

Navratri is not only about Garba dance, it is also known for Garbo a decorative earthen pot. The post is kept with the idol of Goddess Durga along with a lamp light inside it. As people bring Ganesha and Goddess Durga idols home, similarly Garbo is also brought home and people decorate and worship it with love and care. 

Significance of Garbo

The tradition of bringing Garbo is practised in almost all the homes of Gujarati. But currently, other communities have also started to adopt this practice. This earthen pot symbolizes the universe and the lamp inside is considered God. In nutshell, Garbo signifies that god is present in the universe. 

Another meaning of Garbo is Garbha i.e womb. It is dedicated to Goddess Amba who is the protector of the entire world and she keeps all her children in the warmth of her shadow. The lamp inside the pot symbolizes a baby who grows in the womb of her mother. Navratri is celebrated for all the famine in the world who were born and started fighting for their rights.

How to decorate Garbo

The Garbo is sometimes decorated with small beads, artificial mirrors, bells, and decorative cloth. Sometimes it is kept simple in order to not lose its original value. Nowadays you can find Garbo in all the novelty stores in various forms, types and colours. You can get any as per your choice and preference.

This Navratri brings the Garbo home, decorates it and prays for all the happiness, wealth and energy in the world from it so that no problem and difficulty can stand in front of you for a longer time. 

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