Best Places to visit during October in India

In India, October is known by after rain’s heat. The month of the year which prepare us for the coming winters by providing us with autumn heat. Also known by holiday month one can witness lots of festivals taking place during these times such as Navratri, Durga Pooja, Dusshera, Eid and much more. 

Likewise in terms of tourism climate in month of October is quite pleasant and is considered as the beginning of travel season in the country. Lots of places open up and awaits for the tourists to welcome them and promote the place. 

Here is a list of places which are waiting for your visit in October

Jammu and Kashmir

The true heaven of India has the best weather during October. Whether you want to have a long walk along with nature, or enjoy the essence of Kahwa with cold breeze. Jammu and Kashmir has proved as best family destination. Do not forget to capture each moment as memories and store them for life. 


Imagine yourself sitting with view of beautiful lake and you feel cold breeze touching your skin and making you feel chill that’s the exact definition of Nanital anyone could describe. An important city of Uttrakhand becomes more beautiful during the month of October. Do not forget to explore the streets and boat ride in Naini Lake.


Munnar the Kashmir of South India is situated in the state of Kerala. Know for huge hills, tea gardens and greenery, place has suitable climate in October and explored in well manner. Take tour of tea and learn the process of making organic tea in tea museum. Do bring back the tea leaves and spices as souvenirs for your loved ones.


If beaches are your thing, Diu is waiting for you. Long desert beaches, beautiful sunsets and charming vibes are some of the key reasons to visit this place. Apart from beaches, you can find lots of churches, temples and few olden forts which talks about the history of the place. Plan your trip to this place to relax your mind from daily routine. 


The heart of Gujarat, Ahemdabad is the best place to enjoy the Autumn vibes. The city will give you true vibes of being Gujarati, whether its about food, festival or shopping Ahemdabad has always excel in making its travellers feel amaze. Eat the street foods, shop clothes and jewellery and pay tribute to father of our nation Mahatam Gandhi memorial are some of the key things to do in this place.


The capital city of West Bengal shows its true colour during this month as the celebration of Durga Pooja take place. The city becomes so vibrant that every street every road is filled with people enjoying, celebrating the biggest festival of the year with great pomp and shows. If you want feel like Kolkataite for one day visit the place during this time and immerse yourself in this joyful city.

Plan your trip in this scorching heat of October to these beautiful places and calm and relax your mind by exploring the hotspots of these locations.

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  1. Beaches of Gujarat lie along the western coast of India and stretches through the long and beautiful coastline. Some of the finest beaches of the country are nestled in the state of Gujarat which flaunts their sparkling blue waters, lovely climate and swaying palm trees. Spending weekend holidays and the long holidays in the tranquility of beaches of Gujarat is immensely refreshing. In addition to sightseeing and relishing the beauties of nature, many other intriguing activities can also be enjoyed here including diverse water sports.


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