Cities to explore on Mumbai Delhi Expresway

Cities to explore on Mumbai- Delhi Expressway

Road Trips are the most amazing way to admire the beauty of travel. Now you can reach Delhi from Mumbai within 12 hours along with various cities to explore on Mumbai Delhi Expressway. Development is a big part that contributes towards the betterment of the nation and the construction of the Mumbai-Delhi Expressway is definitely a great one!

Being a Delhite, it has always been fascinating to me visiting my hometown during school vacations and long festival holidays. Packing and undertaking train journeys were the thing, but now with the new way of reaching my hometown is giving me more excitement for the cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway. 

This blog post is going to be a guide for all of you, for whom Delhi is your hometown and also the ones who like to undertake road trips the most. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about looking for train tickets from Mumbai to Delhi. Instead while travelling by roads there are various cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway. 

Here are lists of major cities to explore on the Mumbai- Delhi Expressway


The financial capital of India is the hub of refreshing and soothing mornings along with happening nights. It is one of the cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway. From enjoying the cold breeze by sitting at Marine Drive to feeling the rush of travelling through local trains, indeed the city never sleeps and makes people struggle to achieve their dream so that they can also become part of the city and call it home.


Being the important trading hub of Gujarat, Surat is one of the cleanest and most pristine cities of Gujarat, while on the road trip of cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway, it can be a great halt for you as you can go shopping not only for clothes but also jewellery, especially the Diamonds. From heritage filled with history to vibrant bustling streets, it has it all.


Ahmedabad is proudly a UNESCO cities to explore on the Mumbai-Delhi Expressway. Being the second capital of Gujarat state, the city is basically divided into two regions. One is the oldest where people live happily in traditional ways and it has become a part of a heritage city. While there is an urban part, where you find everything modern and filled with the latest technology. While being in Ahmedabad, express your interest in travel and you will find exciting things related to it.


Being the city of lakes in the magnificent state of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is a place that is filled with architecture, natural landscapes and an abundance of stories. Bhopal can be considered the best cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway, the reason being that it is an offbeat location and is away from the chaos of tourists. If you are someone who likes to live in and around history, then probably Bhopal could be the best detour for you. 


This crown capital of Madhya Pradesh is more fascinating than it seems! It is quite difficult to express the beauty and importance of Indore in words. City has gained its importance dating back to the 16th century, acting as an important trade centre between Deccan and Delhi. Other than that it is one of the cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway it is a hotspot for shopping and food, and from days being the market for shopping and same converting into food stalls, Indore has it all. 


The pink city of Rajasthan comprises that traditional authentic Rajasthani aura for you. From the hustling and bustling streets, delicious street food to marvellous monuments. Jaipur is the must visit cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway. Immerse yourself into the pink culture of Jaipur like never before. 


This historic city of Lord Krishna has it all for you. Even today, the city has the same vibes and there is something special about this city that doesn’t use formal greetings, instead, the city uses the phrases like Ram Ram ji, Jai Shree Krishna or Radhe Radhe. This is a fact and you must not miss this sweet yet lovely essence of Mathura. Cities to explore on Mumbai Delhi Expressway, Mathura is the most religious and alive city you will ever explore. 


There is not much to define about the capital city of the country. From the charm of the old Delhi to the fast-paced life of Gurugram and Noida, Delhi has it all. All you need is the heart of exploration and cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway will surprise you on every step of your journey to know Delhi like never before.

These are the major cities to explore on Mumbai-Delhi Expressway! Plan your trip right away and let me know in the comments which city excites you the most also did you find this blog useful? Let’s have a conversation. 

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