Food to be eaten during Navratri

Festivals and food always go in hand and hand. Whenever it’s time of festival the first thing which pops up in our mind is celebration, foods and delicacies which goes into preparation right from 14 days before the arrival of the festival day. Food has always been part of Indian culture and no event or occasion is complete without it.

Navratri is one such festival which includes a grand celebration of nine days. These nine days is all about praying to Goddess Durga, doing a traditional dance form Garba, vibrant costumes, loud music and fasting of nine days. This fasting is done to purify one’s spiritual soul and seeking blessings of good health from the goddess. 

Here is a list of fast foods which you must try during this festival period and which are considered to be healthy!


Sabudana (Sago) is considered to be one of the most eaten fast food in Navratri. Combined with peanuts, curry patta, aloo and some veggies it tastes more delicious. Sabunda Khichdi with curd is the best combination you can ever have. Sabunda vada is also eaten as a replacement for Khichdi.

Suji Halwa

Halwa is the favourite sweet dish in country and is prepared during auspicious occasions. The most preferred halwa among all is Suji ka Halwa. It is made from frying wheat with lots of sugar, ghee, dry fruits, sugar syrup or honey. Eat this dish as your breakfast or dessert and fill your stomach with this healthy and energy booster during Navratri.

Roasted Makhana

Roasted Makhana is a quick mid meal snack eaten not only during fasting but also on routine intervals too. Considered to be a rich protein snack, it is favourite among all the age groups and is mostly eaten after roasting and adding few spicies.

Aloo ki Khichdi

Potatoes or aloo is considered the king of vegetables. It is used in almost every dish, snack, meal and street food. No meal is complete without it and same goes in the days of Navratri too. Aloo is being prepare and served in different forms. The best alternative eaten is Aloo khichdi during fast. It is a healthy meal which can be eaten as lunch or dinner.

Shakarkandi Chaat

Shakarkandi is nothing but sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are species of potatoes which are available during winter season. Roasting sharkandi in sand or fire is the way to get the best form of the dish. Roast your sharkandi, cut into small pieces and sprinkling salt all over is the most recommended way to eat this chaat.

Rajigra Atta

Rajgira Atta is flour which is especially used during fasts. Roti made from this atta is healthy to eat during Navrati as it can give you energy to sustain through the entire day. Eat this hot roti with curd and aloo which will give you real food cravings.

Kacche Kele ki Barfi

This barfi is prepared as a prasad to offer during poojas. Prepared with raw bananas this barfi is much tastier than it sounds. It is a tradition to prepare this sweet dish during Navrati and is freshly enjoyed with peanut chutney and is eaten as dessert.

Enjoy your Navaratri festival by preparing these delicacies and turn your fasting into a delightful tasting of some tempting dishes.

Happy Navratri to all my lovely reader, may Godess Durga showered lots of blessings on you!!!

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