Street Shopping in Ahmedabad during Navratri

Navratri is one of the biggest festivals for the state of Gujarat. As soon as Navratri comes closer people start preparing for the festival by shopping, cleaning houses and buy new things for it. People of Gujarat are very particular about this festival and hence everything is planned and made ready in systematic way.  GarbaContinue reading Street Shopping in Ahmedabad during Navratri

Kovalam: A sleepy little town by Arabian Sea

The southern part of India is considered the gateway to heaven. In this heaven lies the state of Kerala which is known as God’s own country. In this god’s own country a town by the name of Kovalam is situated which is a symbol of peace and known for its coastal beauty. Kovalam is oneContinue reading “Kovalam: A sleepy little town by Arabian Sea”

Top 8 things to do this Janmashtami with your kids!

In our country, August month arrives with an official signal of beginning with the various festivals coming ahead. Few festivals have already been passed such as Raksha Bandhan and Independence day and many are on their way.  Today or should I say tonight is one such religious festival celebrated in our country with great loveContinue reading “Top 8 things to do this Janmashtami with your kids!”

6 things to do on this Raksha Bandhan with your Brothers and Sisters.

Raksha Bandhan also known as Narali Pournima is a very lovely festival which is celebrated in our country. The occasion is meant to enjoy and glorify the pure bond of Brother and sister with a single thread known as Rakhi.  Though things have changed way too much now, today you can tie rakhi to yourContinue reading 6 things to do on this Raksha Bandhan with your Brothers and Sisters.

Kovalam- The Food Hotspot!

Conveying a great field of coconut trees, Kovalam beach town is a famous tourist destination in the state of Kerala. The town is located in the Thrivanthapuram district. The town is known for its beauty and heavenly serenity. This town is one of the most visited places in God’s Own Country. Situated in the southernContinue reading “Kovalam- The Food Hotspot!”

Top 6 places to visit in June

June is here, currently we are in the sixth month of the year. Half of the year has gone and I don’t understand how and when it passed away. It’s the season of rains, and I’m currently waiting for the rains,not because I adore it but because I want the weather to be pleasant.  SunContinue reading “Top 6 places to visit in June”

 Travel Guide to Tawang

Northeast is the unique and the most beautiful part of our country which is slightly untouched till today. This is only the part where you can find the intermingling of different tribal cultures, living together on one land and sharing each other’s happiness.  Seven Sisters have landscapes that are beautiful, picturesque and most importantly hugeContinue reading ” Travel Guide to Tawang”