End is near or might not be…..

Hands are cold, feet are craving for socks, cosy blankets and hands are in need of hot cup of coffee. These are the present feelings I’m currently going through. Bonsoir (Good evening in french) people, I hope you all are good and enjoying this cold season of switching off the fan and sitting in theContinue reading “End is near or might not be…..”

Top 6 Airport looks for Women

Travel is never complete without shopping. Sometimes we shop while travelling and sometimes before undertaking the trip. Clothes and accessories are one of the most important aspects of packing and preparation, especially for women. We, women, decide everything well in advance, what to wear, when and along with which jewellery or accessory. In last fewContinue reading “Top 6 Airport looks for Women”

8 flasks which will keep you hydrated in your next trip!

Good evening readers, Hectic Monday is about to end in few hours and it’s time for a new blog with a different angle but with same niche. I will be posting these types of blogs every Monday and best part about such blogs will be that I will be giving you certain advice or tipsContinue reading “8 flasks which will keep you hydrated in your next trip!”

Gurupurab- the birth of the divine human!

Hello everyone, Satri Akal I hope you all are fine and doing good, let’s begin with today’s blog! after a long time I’m writing a blog on a topic which I’m very fascinated about, an idea or belief which has been with me in all my good and bad times. I belong to a PunjabiContinue reading “Gurupurab- the birth of the divine human!”

Best ways to celebrate Diwali in 2021

Good evening readers, it’s a pre Diwali evening also known as Choti Diwali in India. I’m very much excited for tomorrow as I will be getting opportunity to wear my authentic dress, eat snacks and sweets prepared by my mum and grandma. Also, this year Diwali has few relaxations unless like last year where weContinue reading “Best ways to celebrate Diwali in 2021”

Travel Guide to Jaipur

Bonjour, Thursday Funday is here with a new topic. I hope you all are fine and busy with your hectic schedule, talking about me I’m really busy with my hectic schedule. The city on which I have shared a guide today is my go to location, I have been reading, seeing and listening about itsContinue reading “Travel Guide to Jaipur”

Best places in India to rejuvenate yourself with Yoga

Yoga is one of the important part Indian workout cultures. It is considered as one of the best activity to keep oneself healthy and have a peace of mind. The birth of yoga has started with a dawn of civilization. The science of this activity has its orign since thousand years. Isn’t it amazing thatContinue reading “Best places in India to rejuvenate yourself with Yoga”

Lived a Healthy Lifestyle

Bonjour lectrices that means hello readers! Learning French these days is a part of my master’s studies so trying hard to communicate in it, it’s fun to study. I hope you all are doing well we are just two months away from 2022, can you believe it? 2021 also have come to an end inContinue reading “Lived a Healthy Lifestyle”

Travel guide to Kolkata during Durga Pooja

Kolkata the city of joy is one of the most cultural and colourful cities in our country. The city holds important place in terms of history, economics and politics. The city is home to some of the olden and beautiful architectures, as it was the old capital of our country during British period.  The capitalContinue reading “Travel guide to Kolkata during Durga Pooja”