The Holy month of Sawan…

The holy month of Shravan or Sawan is considered to be an auspicious month and is meant for worshipping Lord Shiva. He is known to be the greatest of all, the strongest, the smartest and the one who has gained immense knowledge and carries supremacy in the deities of Hinduism.

Every year, the month of July aka Ashad and Shravan or Sawan (Hindu calendar) is considered to be a religious reason being that the entire month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that worshipping the Lord with true heart and dedication during this month will ultimately bring lots of success, prosperity and happiness to your life. 

The month of Sawan starts from the full moon day of Ashad Month (Hindu calendar) and continues till Bhadrapad. People all over the country follow this month with great efforts and positive vibes believing that if they are pure and true to themselves as well as the lord, it will lead them to live a healthy life. 

Dates of Sawan in 2022 

Sawan in our country falls into two different timings according to different religions. 

This year in the North, Sawan will take place from 14th July – 12th August 2022. The Holy month has already begun in the region and tomorrow will be the second Sawan Somvar (the holy Monday)

Sawan in the western region of the country will begin from 29th July and will continue till 27th August. Tomorrow will be the first Sawan Somvar for the region. 

Importance of Sawan Somvar (The Shravan Mondays)

According to Hindu Calendar, Somvar (The Monday) is considered to be the day of Lord Shiva and hence every Monday despite Sawan, Lord Shiva is being worshipped. During Sawan, it’s just that people pray with more importance and give more value. 

Shaivites visit Shiv Temple every Monday and offer their prayers in the form of milk, water, honey, flowers and bael leaves to the lord. There is a belief that if you visit Shiv temple every Somvar and offer your prayers with great faith then all your wishes and desires come true. 

Every Tuesday or Manglawar is dedicated to Goddess Paravati, wife of Lord Shiva.

Sawan Vrat (The fasting days of Sawan) 

People observe fast on every Somvaar of Sawan from morning till evening. They visit temples and pray for their well-being, in Hinduism observing Sawan and observing Somvaar Vrat are considered to be of utmost importance. As it is believed that Somvaar Vrat helps a person to get pure, clean and remove all the impurities from the mind and bring in all the positive thoughts… 

Who Observes the Fast 

Anybody can observe Sawan Somvaar Vrat, but in our country, it is mostly held by married women for a happy married life, unmarried women keep it to get a good husband like Lord Shiva and men keep it for a peaceful and healthy life. 

Occurrence of activities during Sawan 

During the month of Sawan, various important places or temples organise Sawan Mela (Fair). Mela has bagged the title of Longest Spiritual Fair in the World. The Mela consists of various stalls selling different articles, small toys for children, and pooja items to offer prayers. 

Significance of Sawan Month 

  • Lord Shiva won the fight with Asuras (bad Demons) for Amrit (Celestial Nectar). 
  • It marks the beginning of the season of festivals in the country as per the Hindu Calendar. 
  • Fasting during Sawan will make you healthy and bring prosperity to life.
  • The month is dedicated to undertaking and conducting all religious and important ceremonies. In simple terms, the entire month is auspicious to start something new.
  • Sawan Month is all about dedicating yourself to praying, meditating by taking the name of Lord Shiva and being true and dedicated towards god and your ones. 

Sawan Month 2022 has officially started, it’s the time of the year to pray, fast and dedicate yourself to Lord Shiva to fulfil all your wishes and desires. Tomorrow is the first Sawan Somvaar, do not forget to visit the temple to start the month of Sawan on a positive note.

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