5 things to do in Queen of Hills

Situated in Nilgiri hills in the southern part of India is this cosy and beautiful hill station. The actual name of the place is Udgamandalam which is known to very less. It is considered as one of the most romantic as well as best vacation destination in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. 

During British Raj, the place was called as summer capital of India, rulers and chief of the empire use to visit this place to have quality time with their friends and families. After Independence Ooty received it new name “The Queen of Hillstation” and the names suits very well as you can find yourself surrounded by huge mountains, green forest and mystical nature. 

Ooty has lots of things to offer to its travellers. Whether you want to relax in cold weather, seek some adventure activities, roam around the place in a toy train or want to have blissful moments in between nature the place has it all. 

Here are top 5 things which you need to try while being in Ooty

Enjoy the Toy Train ride

One of the toy train in the country which is declared as an UNESCO World Heritage lies in Nilgiri hills. Considered as century old you will get to capture lots of scenic moments while travelling inside the train. Built in 1908 by British the toy train passes covers a distance of 46 km through lavish hills and green environment. 

Stroll through Botanical Gardens

One of the most visited gardens in this hill station. Considered to be as one of the do thing the place is delight for nature lovers. You can find exotic species of plants and flower here which can be rarely seen. The area is divided into 6 sections Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatories, Fountain Terrace and Nurseries. Taking a walk here can give you peace of mind.

Explore the Doddabetta Peak, highest in Nilgiris

The minute you stepped in Ooty you will find Doddabetta Peaks pictures and hoarding everywhere. One of the highest points in Nilgiri, after reaching at the top you get to see the beautiful view of Western Ghats as well entire city of Ooty. Visit the place in morning or evening to enjoy the surreal sunrise or sunset.

Take the essence of organic tea at Tea Museum

All the tea lovers head to this tea museum to taste some organic tea as well as see the process of transforming tea leaves into the powder. Surrounded by tea plantations, you get the opportunity to roam in the fields and click photographs as well take essence of fresh tea leaves. Do not forget to shop tea leaves from souvenir shop on your return journey.

Find your happiness in between Pine Forest

Roaming in dense pine forest is everyone’s dream after watching the beauty of it in movies. Thanks to nature you get the opportunity to fulfil this dream in Ooty. Strolling through these pine trees can give you a surreal feeling and you will be able to enjoy a moment for yourself.

Plan a short trip to The Queens of Hillstation and do cut off these things from your checklist!!

Also new stories and experince are coming right your way!

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