6 best reasons to visit Pune

Pune is an important city in Maharashtra state after Mumbai. It is an IT sector hub of Maharashtra, that city is the oldest city of the state with a gigantic history of the Maratha Empire. In simple terms, Pune is that perfect blend of visiting a grandfather’s house and immersing oneself in a party night full of crowds at the same time!

I recently got the opportunity to plan a short road trip to Pune and I must say the city has totally different vibes and ways of looking up to things, honestly, I found Pune city much more calm and slow pace as compared to Mumbai. 

I stayed in Pune for two days, met my college best friend, and explored the colourful Ganapati celebration of the city this was the first time ever in my life that I was seeing Ganeshotusav happening on a huge scale with great pomp and show. Ganesh Ustav which I have experienced in Mumbai and the one which I saw in Pune were different!

I have stories to say and I can go on and on, but for this blog, I’m going to keep it short and let you know how much I enjoyed staying in this city and what things made me fall in love with it!

Below are the top 6 reasons for visiting heritage city Pune 


People are the important key factor which can make any city vibrant and lively. While being in Pune, I observed that people in the city belong to various cultures, and backgrounds and every second person is non-Punekar, yet has become a part of this city and in return, the city has accepted with lots of love. Another special quality of humans in Pune is that they are very straightforward, they will say then and there without thinking much, which turns out to be rude for the person who is visiting the city for the first time. 


Each street and corner of the city has unique names, each being associated with the history of the city. Many names are given based on the family of Shivaji Maharaj, you will find names of the streets, colleges, educational institutions, and hospitals based on it. Also, places are far from each other. Like I was staying in a hotel near Pune Railway Station and I had to go all the way to Pimpri-Chinchwad which is almost on the outskirts of the city and took me 1 hour. That’s the best part. I got the opportunity to see two different faces of the city during this journey.


The culture of Pune is very colourful. As I visited the city during Ganeshotsav I got to know how the city celebrates any festival with great enthusiasm and excitement. All I could find were Ganapati pandals being set up every 2 km. Like if you are walking on a road, you can literally find four Ganpati pandals being set up in all four directions. It isn’t amazing to see the entire city come together and immerse in the festival with great happiness. 


If people are the mind of a place, the food is the true heart. You name any famous Maharashtrian cuisine and you will find it here. I tried the famous Puneri Misal in the city and I was mind blown by the spiciness, it was so spicy that I started to sweat literally. But it was yummy like really, if you are in the city and not trying Misal then your visit to the city has been wasted!


Shopping is the must-do thing while in Pune. The most prominent thing you will find to shop is the long scarves. The weather in the city is extreme, either extremely hot, rainy or extremely cold. Hence you can find females of the city wearing a scarf covering their face at any period of the day, sometimes at night too. You can also shop for footwear, accessories and so much more. Do not forget to buy dry fruits, as you get the best quality dry fruits here.


Apart from all the other reasons, this is one of my favourite reasons to be in Pune. Belongingness is what made me adore this city, to its best. I feel like I belong here, though I belong to whichever place I visit, still, there was something magical about this city that gave me a vibe of being loyal to it and visiting it again!

Pune is a beautiful city and visiting it is a must. Let me know your thoughts about Pune, what is your point of view on being in Pune, let’s have a conversation!

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