Foods to prepare in Diwali, which are more than Snacks!!

Diwali is tomorrow and it’s the time of year to finally wear a new dress, seek blessings from elders and have lots of delicious Diwali Snacks that we crave all around the year. Diwali is more than a festival of lights, it is a festival to come together and spend some cosy time with your family and loved ones! 

Diwali Snacks have different kinds of tastes and happiness. The process of preparation itself brings a different level of energy and enthusiasm to make the traditional sweets and snacks and share them with everyone, including our neighbours and daily helpers. 

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to some of the unique Diwali snacks which are most recommended to prepare this Diwali. Foods to prepare on Diwali, which are more than snacks. 

Foods to prepare during Diwali are as follows:


No Indian festival is complete without Samosa, any occasion, any good news or even nothing to eat in quick snacks, then Samosa is the one thing that we are ever ready to munch on. The best thing about this snack is the crunchiness and there is no better combination than having it with tea. Hence if you are organising a Diwali Party, do not forget to include Samosa in your catering. 


Our life is straight like Jalebi, just kidding. Jalebi has always been part of our traditional sweet dish and there cannot be anything like Jalebi, the sweetest taste and the round shape thing is the one that attracts everyone towards itself. The best thing about it is that it can get compatible with anything. You can eat it with Rabbadi, Phawda, Puri Sabzi and so much more. Do include Jalebi in your Diwali meal and add sweetness to your celebrations. 


Chakli is another Indian snack, which is a speciality of Diwali. There are different tastes and varieties of Chakli available in the market. If you want to try your hands at one then you should prepare one by yourself. The brighter part is that Chakli can be stored for a longer time like 3/4 months. Hence if you ever want to feel nostalgic about the festival of light and grab on your Chakli right away. 

Gulab Jamun 

No Indian meal is complete without Gulab Jamun. After having an entire meal there is always space to have a sweet dish and if it’s Gulab Jamun there is nothing like it. You cannot end your festival without having this sweet ball dipped in sugar syrup. Craving it currently? Then make them right away, or visit any sweets store you will surely get one. 

Besan ke Ladoo 

For me, Besan Ke Laddo is nothing but the sweetest memory of grandma preparing the ladoo by her hands giving them a perfectly round shape. Besan Ladoos are another speciality of the Diwali festival, imagine having a ladoo filled with lots of ghee, and dry fruits. I have already started to have them. What are you waiting for?


Mathri is a flour-made stick-like snack. It is a snack to have with chai or a time of the day when you are hungry and have nothing to eat, then Mathri is the right snack for you. It is a loveable snack by everyone, basically, it is the happy snack of all time.


Gujiya is nothing but a fried dumpling made up of flour and lots of dry fruits inside it is a traditional dish. It is specially made during Diwali and Holi, there are lots of combinations and 

flavours, so you can try your favourite and enjoy the festival with good food and in a happy mood. 

So, what are you waiting for tomorrow is Diwali, head out and grab your favourite snack now. If you are a foodie and want to make these snacks at home then do not wait anymore!!!


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