Dates to plan with your brother this BhaiDooj….

Going on a date is a term used these days for going out with your loved ones. It has become a very common phenomenon, but have you been going or planning a date with your brother ever? Then this Bhaiduj plans a date with your brother to have some good brother and sister moments. 

Bhai Dooj is nothing but an important day of Diwali meant for brothers and sisters. It’s the day of the year post-Raksha Bandhan when brothers and sisters exchange gifts with each other, giggle around and spend a day having good quality time with each other. 

In this blog, I will tell you about different ideas for planning a date with your brother on Bhai Dooj and making it a memorable ending for the important festival of the year. 

Get Together 

Each day of Diwali is all about getting together and spending some quality time with your close ones. It is one such festival which lets us forget all of our worries and get ourselves immersed in happy times, food and reviving those bonds once again. The last day of the festival is meant for brothers and sisters known as Bhai Dooj. It is a date when you get together with your sister or brother and enjoy the day spent together.

Go Shopping

There couldn’t be an any better way than taking your brother or sister out and giving them something which they need then and there. Rather than scratching your head by thinking what to give them, this year go shopping together and purchase your desired stuff and let your sibling pay for them while you can enjoy the free things. 


Plan a brother, sister date 

A date isn’t always about going out with your partner. Sometimes it is also about heading out with your brother and sister and doing the things in which your interest gets clashed with each other. Go for a movie, book a table at your favourite restaurant or bar, go for a long drive and so much more. This Bhai Dooj spends your entire day with your sibling and retrieves the bonding which has been long lost due to the hustle and bustle of life. 

Recreate old memories 

There couldn’t be an any better day to recreate old memories with your siblings. Visit your brother or sister’s house, sit together, fetch out the old photo albums, go through them and laugh hard remembering those good olden days. Surely you can’t retrieve those days but at least you can remember them and spend quality time. 

Cook, eat and laugh 

No festival or occasion is complete without food. Prepare your sister or brother’s favourite delicacy and surprise them. If you are not so much into food then this year try your hands on something simple, and easy to make so that you can be proud of yourself and simultaneously surprise your siblings so that you can spend your day eating and laughing. 

This Diwali visits your brother and sister who you haven’t met up with for a long time, surprise them and cheer up their festival mood by bringing a smile to their face. 

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