How to travel Thailand in budget!

Thailand has always been a go-to destination for all travellers who are looking for their first-ever international trip. Other than first-timers, the country has also been on the radar of budget- friendly travellers or backpackers who are travelling with the purpose to explore, rather than to relax. 

Thailand is famous for various unique things to see, explore and become a part of the same. It is a young and vibrant destination which is filled with a wide range of entertainment, adventure, fun and thrill. Whenever you think of travelling to Thailand, you don’t have to consider budget as a problem. 

The reason is that it is the only country in the entire Southeast Asia, where you can travel cheaply and enjoy the beauty of the country without harming your pockets. In the last few years, a pattern has been observed that out of 10, 8 Indians prefer travelling to Thailand because of the budget as well as the availability of resources at a much lower cost.

When it comes to the ranking of budget travel for Indians, Thailand comes at the number one position and why not? It has everything to offer to its travellers which can make them feel happy and worthy of exploring one such destination, where everything is under their financial limit. 

If you are someone who is looking for options to travel in Thailand on a budget, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will guide and introduce you to some of the tips and facts that you can consider while planning your budget-friendly trip to Thailand! 

Go through the tips below to enlighten yourself with ideas to plan your best budget trip to Thailand!

1) Travel during off-season 

One of the best tips that you can adhere to when it comes to budget-friendly is to travel during the off-season. Travelling in the off-season has its own benefits, the biggest is that you find everything cheap. Doesn’t matter if it is staying, transport or even shopping you get everything at a reasonable price. Apart from this, you don’t find hotspots crowded like those during peak season, hence next time plan your budget-friendly trip to Thailand during off season so that it turns out to be profitable for you.

2) Book tickets way too in advance

Another key point that can help you to save a lot of money is booking in advance. If you are thinking of travelling to Thailand in December, then the best time to book all your tickets and entry fees is by June or July. The biggest advantage of advance booking is that you get discounts and certain allowances which are very rare to access during the last moment or on-spot bookings!

3) Opt for local transport to explore 


The best way to explore any place or destination is by going local. In simple terms, after reaching a destination you are making yourself accustomed to all the local customs and routines. The biggest and best way to do this is by using local transport for exploration. Your half of the Bangkok visit cost gets reduced if you opt for local transport like bus, Tuk Tuk (Local rickshaw), trains or taxis. They are fast and cheap as well as most preferred because you are not limited to taking care of the vehicle, you can just hop on and hop off as per your location. 

4) Look for homestays or hostels

It takes immense happiness to say that Thailand is a hub of homestays and hostels. You will find various budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation options on almost every alternate street or corner. You need to decide the type of homestay or hostel you are looking for and the rest will offer you wide options to choose from. In the end, your entire budget-friendly trip to Thailand depends on the type of accommodation you opt for.

5) Eat on streets 

Food is life and when it comes to travel it’s a priority! In a country like Thailand, you will never be bored of seeing the options of food and delicacies it offers. If you are someone for whom food is the important reason for travelling to Thailand, then head over to the streets. You will find an entirely different world of food on the streets, which is much cheaper and delicious as compared to high end luxurious restaurants. For your budget-friendly trip to Thailand,  there could not be any better way to explore other than being and having food on the streets!

Hoping that this blog has given you a brief idea about how to travel to Thailand under budget! Do try to pay attention to all the above tips so that you can enjoy exploring the destination more, rather than worrying about your pocket.

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