Top 6 places in the world to witness the Northern Lights 

We are officially in the last month of 2022! The new year is just 24 days ahead, what a year it has been. Every year December is always considered to be a special month, the reason being that there is a different kind of energy inside everyone. Some are getting ready for Christmas, and some are planning their last trips and holidays of the year. Northern lights are something that catches everyone’s attention, especially during winter. 

Northern lights are the wonders of nature, where the sky showcases different colours in unique ways giving a mesmerising view to look at. Northern lights were first witnessed by the early descendants of humans, somewhere around 500 BC. They are also known as Aurora and are natural light displays on the Earth’s sky. It showcases dynamic patterns of brilliant rays of light in the form of curtains, waves and many other forms. 

Today, watching and admiring the Northern lights is a big thing and has become an important aspect of travel! Yes, you can travel to see the northern lights and awestruck yourself by its beauty! In this blog, I will tell you the top 7 places in the world where you can be amidst the northern lights in the most beautiful way!

The top 6 places in the world to witness the Northern Lights are as follows:

1) Norway 

It is said that the higher the altitude of the location, the more amazing the view of the Northern lights. Norway is one of the highest and pretty frozen regions to witness the Aurora. It’s a complete winter destination and this natural light phenomenon is an add-on! Sky gazing can be done best here from mid-November to January! 

2) Finland 

Want to have a unique experience with northern lights, then there couldn’t be an any better place than Finland. Settle yourself inside a glass igloo and watch the wonders of nature while staying around it. You can book your log with born fire in the famous arctic resort and spend your winter holidays in a cosy and comfortable way.

3) Sweden 

While in Sweden, the remote village of Jukkasjarvi is the most recommended place to witness northern lights! There are various high-end resorts as well as budget-friendly accommodations where you can stay comfortably and enjoy the beauty of winter with the beautiful and romantic weather. 

4) Iceland 

When it’s about winter holidays, especially the northern lights then there couldn’t be an any better place than the capital of Iceland to admit it. Reykjavik is the most beautiful and most visited city in the entire country! Other than enjoying the Northern lights you can also take a tour of various locations where GOT (Games of Thrones) were shot. 

5) Northern Canada 

When it comes to Canada, the country’s biggest tourism factor is the Northern lights. Northern Canada offers the most Aurora viewing spots in entire North America. Winters in Canada are the prettiest and probably there couldn’t be any better place to spend your winter holidays. 

6) Scotland 

The joy of Northern lights in Scotland is that you don’t have to travel to a specific location to see Aurora. During winters, the entire sky is filled with Northern lights. Other than this you can also explore the place by shopping, admiring the streets and fulfilling your craving by trying different food and drinks.

Fascinated with the idea of northern lights? What are you waiting for to finalise your itinerary and soon plan your last trip of the year to one of the most fascinating places with an abundance of nature’s beauty.

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