Top 6 dishes which are must have during Christmas! 

Christmas Food

No festival is complete without authentic dishes! So is Christmas, being the last festival of the year it is celebrated with more enthusiasm and excitement! And this excitement gets bigger with the dishes which are a must-have during Christmas. 

Each festival has its authentic dishes and when it comes to the festival of Santa Claus there are many. You know the best thing about the dishes which are a must to have during Christmas is that it eaten and enjoyed by everyone without any factor of discrimination. 

In this blog, I will give you some of the quick fun dishes which are a must to have during Christmas and the significance of the same, So let’s get started! 

Here are the top 6 dishes which are must-haves for Christmas:

Roasted Turkey 

Roasted Turkey is nothing but a spicy chicken dish. It is a must to prepare and carries special importance during the authentic Christmas dinner. It is loved by everyone from children to adults, you can make it as per your add-ons & updations, but your special Christmas dinner is incomplete without Roasted Turkey.

Festive Cheese Balls

Cheese balls are a light snack for any time. But surprisingly it tops the list of dishes which are a must to have during Christmas. Festive cheese balls are a yummy food and are a good option to include in a starter, as it is a mood-setter dish to offer at parties. 

Roasted Cheese Potatoes 

The king of vegetables Potato is what is a must to include while preparing authentic food for Christmas. Potatoes taste good with any combination of food, but the real fun is to have it in roasted form along with cheese over it. My mouth has got filled with water, hence do not forget to include this in your dishes which are a must to have at Christmas.

Veg Lasagna

Not fond of Chicken, no issues on this festival of Christmas, prepare a Veg Lasagna filled with lots of veggies, sauces and spicy tangy chutneys. It has always been a delicious delicacy especially when it comes to food which must be included in parties. 

 Rum Plum Cake

Rum Plum Cake is one of the traditional Christmas desserts you must have! No Christmas wholesome meal is complete without the Plum cake and when rum is added to it, there cannot be anything better than this. With amazing flavour and essence of dry fruits, plums and Rum, this food will make up your entire Christmas party, a big blast of happiness!


Christmas Cookies

The different shapes, patterns & structure of cookies, looks and tastes amazing. Christmas Cookies are prepared with the purpose of spreading joy and happiness with your loved ones and closed ones. Christmas is incomplete without the touch of sweetness and these cookies are here to complete the need for it!

Enjoy this festive food blog, then do not wait anymore. Prepare your favourite dish among the above list and enjoy having it with your nears & dears. 


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