7 Fun Facts about Christmas that you need to know!


It’s the time and month of the year to once again sing the Carols, be in our best red outfits and share happiness with everyone around us! Yes, we are in the last month of 2022 & Christmas is just 12 days away there are various fun facts about Christmas that are still hidden.

 Christmas has never been just about celebrating the birthday of the Lord, there are various fun facts about Christmas that you are still unaware of! Other than celebrations and getting together, this winter festival symbolises various other things and in this blog, I’m going to disclose that. 

Christmas has always been associated with that time of the year, when everybody is in a mood to party, looking back at the good memories and moments that have been surpassed in the year and obviously not to forget but plan something exciting to end the year with a blast. Today let me break the cocoon and take you on a trail where I’m sure you will end up having lots of fun. 

7 fun facts about Christmas are as follows:

Christmas wasn’t always on 25th December

Today the date on which we celebrate Christmas is not the actual date of the festival. 25th December isn’t mentioned in the Bible as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is said that the Bible is actually silent during the time of the year when Mother Mary gave him birth. The earliest Christians never celebrated Christmas. 

A traditional Christmas dinner is going to KFC 

A fried chicken Christmas dinner became a tradition in Japan in the 1970s. The reason was the successful KFC ad campaign! The manager of the first KFC in Japan got inspired to promote KFC as Christmas when he overheard someone how much they miss eating Turkey chicken at the festival. 

Christmas was illegal to celebrate 

In 1647, the Puritan government of the Massachusetts Bay colony banned Christmas celebrations. Instead, it was replaced with fasting and declared a popish festival with no biblical jurisdiction. 

Jingle Bells was the song for Thanksgiving

The Jingle Bells song that we listened to and danced to today, was the song prepared for Thanksgiving. An interesting fact was that the name of the song was also different, it was;’ One Horse Open Sleigh’ Also it was first sung in space by the two Astronauts while orbiting the Earth. 

Santa and Coca-Cola goes hand in hand 

Coca-Cola didn’t create Santa Claus, but is surely involved in structuring the jolly character of Santa that we see today! Before 1931, there were many deceptions regarding Santa, a tall giant man, about scary Santa. But in a later period, Coca-Cola commissioned an illustrator to paint Santa for Christmas advertising. Pictures painted portray Santa is a happy and warm person. 

Black Friday isn’t the busiest shopping day of the year 

We all have been living in misconception, including me, that Black Friday has always been the busiest shopping day of the year. It is the two days before Christmas and though we might have seen crowded malls, in terms of money spent, Black Friday isn’t that big.

Santa has his own postal code

O yes! Santa possesses his personal postal code. ‘HOH OHO’ is the postal code of Santa and tens of thousands of children get replies every Christmas from the unique postal code. 

Hoping that the above fun facts have blown your mind, with lots of amazing information! So now you know when somebody asks you about Christmas, how can you bombard them with some awestruck information!!

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