Top 7 offbeat getaways to travel during Holi! 

Offbeat places to travel during Holi

Holi is just a day away and probably there couldn’t be a better time to look out for offbeat getaways during Holi! The festival of colours is all about celebrating the colourful life and undertaking trips so that you can have time for yourself! There are various offbeat getaways to travel during Holi which are worthy enough and will surely make your festival holiday grander!

For me, Holi has always been a festival of looking for opportunities to travel and I mean why not! It’s the last time that you can undertake trips to beaches or humid regions, so it is the best time to look out for offbeat getaways to travel during Holi. Post Holi temperatures start to arise and it’s not preferable travelling to hotter areas.

In this post, I will introduce you to some of the offbeat places to travel during Holi. These places are lesser-known areas and they are not considered to be a priority to look out for while planning a trip during the festival!

This Holi ensures that you don’t sit back at home and crave yourself with some sweet tooth! Head out to these offbeat places to travel during Holi and end up having great festival memories with your family and loved ones!

List of offbeat getaways to travel during Holi:

The only city in the country where the festival of Holi starts 10 days in advance. While being in Mathura, you get the opportunity to witness this colourful festival in different forms and variations. From playing with flowers to beating the cover shield with a stick you will see it all! Though it was started decades ago, it is indeed being followed till date, making it an offbeat getaway to travel during Holi.

      Imagine yourself standing at a ghat, with a sprinkle of colours seems amazing, doesn’t it? Hence while looking for offbeat places to travel during Holi, Banaras must top your list. The reason is that Banaras or Varanasi is considered to be the oldest city of human civilization. During Holi, the vibes are totally different, from splashing colours on each other to immersing yourself in the taste of Bhang.

      Shantiniketan is one of the most important cultural hubs of West Bengal! Known to be the home of our National Anthem writer, Rabindranath Tagore. Holi here has a unique name, Basnata Ustav. Holi in Shantiniketan is enjoyed in a much more cultural way, making it one of the offbeat getaways to travel during Holi. You need to dress up in saffron and there is a dance and singing competition, which is a great opportunity to indulge in the pure bliss of this surreal getaway.

      Play the Holi in the most royal way, while being in Udaipur. This white city turns out to be very colourful during the festival of Holi. See the folk dance of Gair traditionally done by the locals. The colourful procession of Holi will make you fall in love with it and do not forget to get yourself a sweet tooth with various Merwar sweet dishes. Looking for an offbeat getaway to travel during Holi, then Udaipur is awaiting for you!

      Being the most favourable offbeat gateway during Holi in West Bengal, Purulia to West Bengal is what Mathura is to the North during Holi. Home to lush green forests, beautiful landscapes and huge hills you can enjoy one of the best Holi in Purulia. Enjoying the mirage of folk performances from Chau to Natau dance and Darbari Jhumar is a must.

      Another important city in Uttar Pradesh is where you can witness another form of Holi, which cannot be seen or played anywhere else in the country. Ladoo Holi is a form of this colourful festival where Holi is played by throwing sweets on each other, do not forget to grab your hands on a strong glass of marijuana (Bhang) Come enjoy the sweetest Holi of your life, in this offbeat getaway to travel during Holi

      Anandpur Sahib
      In the holy place of Anandpur Sahib, Holla Mohalla is the most important festival enjoyed in the most authentic way. This three-day festival is filled with various activities and performances including martial arts, Ardas, Lungar and the distribution of sweets among everyone. Come live the best Holi of your life in this offbeat getaway to travel during Holi

      Hoping that the above list has given you the motivation to look out for these offbeat gateways to travel during Holi.

      Have a great and Safe Holi dear readers… Also, let me know in the comments which is the best memory of Holi from your childhood days….

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