Witness the essence of Tibet in our very own capital of the country!

Essence of Tibet

Essence is something that gives you the gist of belonging to a place. Essence of Tibet is not only sweet but too much attached to its root! Tibet, our neighbour, is one pure bliss which has a story for  every traveller! 

Visiting a nation and finding the belongings of the same in some other place other than on its own land seems to be different, but somewhere it’s the same thing. In our country, you can find the essence of Tibet and that too in our capital city Delhi… 

It does sound shocking, but it is a true fact! Known as Manju ka Tila, a mini Tibetan settlement where you can not only enjoy the essence of Tibet, but can also see the generations living there for decades and have kept the culture alive in the foreign land which they have adapted to and call it a home… 

In today’s story, let me take you on a beautiful journey to the essence of Tibet. You might or might not be aware of it. I did hear the name of the place in the past but was totally blown away by the information I inherited when I researched about this little essence of Tibet in our country. 

While being in Delhi and looking for some place to hang out, then probably there couldn’t be any better place than Manju Ka Tila which will give you the perfect essence of Tibet. It is one of the best places to hang out with great vibes and good traditional delicacies of Tibet. 

It is also known as MT, but originally it was established as New Aruna Nagar Colony aka Chungtown. Like I mean as you start walking inside the colony, you will forget that you are in India, this is the magic of Manju ka Tila that makes you fall in love with the essence of Tibet. 

This mystical colony is situated right next to the bank of the Yamuna river and has a very interesting history. In this not so foreign land that gave the essence of Tibet was first under the control of the Delhi Sultanate. Belief says that once Iranian sufi believer Abdulla, who was also known as Manju met Guru Nanak Dev ji right at this place. After seeing Abdulla helping and serving people for free, Guru Nanak Dev ji got so impressed that he decided to name the place Manju ka Tila (Manju’s Hill). It is also said that Guru Nanak Devji stayed here for around a month. 

Today you can find a sacred gurudwara situated right inside Manju Ka Tila, built by a Sikh military leader. This is the best example of the blending of two different cultures staying and building a life together with peace and harmony. In Manju ka Tila along with the essence of Tibet, you can also see the Punjabi culture paving your way with lots of colours & positivity.

The specific reason why you can find the decades-old Tibbetian settlement is that many Tibbetian refugees migrated here when the Dalai Lama went into exile in Dharamshala. Slowly and steadily these handfuls of people started to spread the essence of Tibet and sooner than the government of India recognized them as the residents of the country, giving them small patches to build homes right in Manju ka Tila. 

Today Manju Ka Tila is a very happening place to hang out in the capital city. From the essence of Tibetan food, hymns of the prayers to the shopping street, witness it all here  Visit this place during Losar and immerse yourself into the authentic Buddhism culture like never before.

So, next time you know whenever you want to experience Tibet, without leaving the country, get the wholesome essence of Tibet in our very own capital of the country and blow your mind as you see the culture glowing and flourishing in the most shining and glorious way. 

This was my time, let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about this cute little essence of Tibet in our country and if you would like to explore it!

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