Each one is Different !

Black Road Bike Beside Bench  We differentiate lots of things every day, even we differentiate ourselves from others too. Is good to do so, or no? here what I feel is it depends on what basis are you differentiating its quality, person, kind of thing, places and much more such related areas. You might be knowing that there are lots of people around us who are known just for differentiating, and we also bitch about them saying, ‘How can one have such differentiating personality’ but you know what this different group of personalities are somewhere creative, an extrovert, introvert or optimistic person hidden. I mean just think about it, until now have you ever thought it in this way that such people think west if people are thinking right and when it’s about showcasing a talent they kill it. But in the end, each one is different and each is creative or talented in its own way. But my today’s topic is not about differentiating human it’s about something else so I will focus on that.

                  How many of you like being in a city? some of you might, some might not some might have just started to live in a city and still exploring it. Talking about me I am a city girl whether it is my home town or my actual home, I was born in a different city, living in a different one. When I was young I really never understand the enjoyment, excitement to go to my hometown in vacations unless I passed out of my school. I still remember after my exams I went to my home town and this trip was different from the usual one. Like in this one there was excitement in me to meet my grandparents to meet my cousins, once I reached there I saw something different in me as well the city. I wanted to explore the streets where I grew up, streets, where I used to roam with my sister, at the beginning of a few days I was feeling little wired. was thinking, is it my inner me making me do this or there is the spirit of someone else who has entered in me. But I was somewhere enjoying this feeling of inner me and my that trip was really beautiful and exciting too and I made a bunch of memories which I am missing at present thinking and smiling about it.
You Know after that trip whenever I visited my hometown I always find something new and attractive about it till date, even the city I am living in currently ‘City of Dreams’  which is so big that I haven’t explored it fully, this city also has some places which are very close to my heart and whenever I visit those spots there is always something new I get to know about.
                       In the past 2 years when I started writing and sharing with you all, I have visited 20/30 new cities and each is so different from each other, not only in terms of maps, or views but in terms of people, culture, food, language and may more such stuff. You know a city is not only just made of huts, buildings or villas it is made up of people their lifestyle, unity, way of welcoming outbounds. And for a true traveller, his home is not just four walls his home is all the cities which he has been to, which he will be visiting in his forecast. Let’s take it in this way imagine you are going to a city as a tourist, first, what will you do find a hotel, you will stay there do some site seeing, click photos, buy some souvenirs for you or your loved ones and you will come. Now let’s travel as a traveller what he will do is he will try to find is accommodation in the local area of a city may be a house of citizen (if his luck is that bright) he will explore places not only to click pictures but to explore something new about him about the place, he will try to build a relationship with citizens by talking to them having lunch or dinner them learning to cook the food in their style and for him, his souvenirs are the memories he created the stories he heard and the beautiful views he captured in his camera.  As I always say travel like a traveller and not tourist because tourist travel to come back, but a traveller he goes to never come back.

                 I’ am writing this blog sharing my opinions that each city is different trust me it is different. Some of you might be thinking it easy to say then to explore, my dear friends my exploring my both city till today and I have a bunch list of cities ready which I am going to explore in future.
Tell me in comments about how many cities have you explored till now, let’s share each other experiences.

                    Till then be safe and be healthy!!


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4 thoughts on “Each one is Different !

  1. The city of dreams♥️♥️♥️… I have my perspective changed on how I see travelling….its not just about hotels…pictures and stuff but a lot more beyond than that….which makes our souls smile… Your blog always puts a big smile on your readers face….♥️


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