My Happy Go Lucky Place !!

 Day 18 of quarantine, sitting in my room writing one more blog for you all, I hope your quarantine is going good you all are home and safe. This quarantine is somewhere getting over my head, but I don’t have any option to do, anyways moving towards my today’s blog topic is again little odd one but hoping that you all like this. Many of you might have heard about a ‘happy go lucky’ person, book, food and place too. Yes, I am going to share my happy go lucky place or spot with you all.

                          My happy go lucky place is a part of nature, I still remember when I was small papa and my aunt  (bhua) use to take me there I used to play so much with it and then I used to get out with lots of sand on my clothes and my whole body still cannot forget how Mumma use to scold me and I used to smirk those were days. After hearing sand you might have got the answer if not, my happy go place is ‘beach’ most of my readers know that I always choose beaches over the mountains and I have written two -to – three blogs over beaches, but don’t worry not I am not going to explain benefits or beauty of it in this one.

Versova Beach In Mumbai And Places To Visit Around - Nativeplanet
(Pic was clicked somewhere at around 5:30 Pm)

               I have always loved water since childhood I used to love playing in the water and as I said my dad used to take me to beaches and once I reached there it was nearly impossible to stop me. I still remember after coming in my teenage, I went to a beach alone for the very first time,  Versova beach located in the western part of Mumbai in Andheri heard about it somewhere searched about it and then it was difficult for me to stop myself. I was in 12th and I don’t know what happened to me bunked my college and went. That day was really beautiful seriously I was all alone there, for a second I got a feeling I am the queen of the beach and it just belongs to me, I know this is sounding crazy now, but that moment I was feeling this. That was the time when ‘Alia Bhatt and ‘Shahrukh Khan’s ‘ new picture was released ‘Dear Zindagi’  and there was a section in the film where Alia’s(Kiara) therapist Shahrukh (Jehangir (Jugg)) calls her for therapy at beach and therapy was to play kabaddi with waves. I was like wow now this is something new and keeping this mind I started playing this ‘beach kabbadi’ while was at the beach. It was so fun I played,  laughed, sat, talked with waves it was a perfect my day and my time where no one judged me It was all about me and myself. You know what that day I realised there should be one such happy go place in our life where we should get a feeling that this place is created just for us. Trust me beaches, lakes or spot with water bodies near or around it is my happy place. Versova Beach is one place in this city there is one more and its ‘Marine Drive’  in south Mumbai these two places really have my heart. I can go to this place any time and always have the butterfly in the stomach feeling while going there.

                        There are many more to be added in my list of happy places, but these two are going to be constant. Let me know in the comment which is your happy go lucky place, waiting eagerly to read them.

                Till then be safe be happy and have a fun quarantine.
                         (Marine drive)


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5 thoughts on “My Happy Go Lucky Place !!

  1. Yeah! You got it right. Finding a happy place and making our life's little moments is precious as they make us cheerful and gives a sense of living our footprints on the mother earth.❣️


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