Me Time…….

Hello, my dear followers, congratulations on being safe and healthy at home and sustaining your quarantine somehow and waiting for that one ray of hope of lockdown getting over. So far quarantine has been going good for me, though I sometimes do get irritated, frustrated out of my work, bored being at home still somewhere I am having my fun time with my guardians, friends far away but close to heart and a little bit of me time.

                              Me time what is this time? what does it mean? I will answer your question me time is a time where you do the things which you like the most to do. It can be anything cooking, reading, drawing, browsing sitting in your fav corner and gazing the surrounding and enjoying the music of silence, which I am doing sitting currently in my balcony with my laptop and writing my blog, generally, I prefer sitting in a room and writing but today I changed my spot and it was not a bad idea. Before writing I was sitting here (balcony) having my coffee and spending a pleasurable Sunday evening. I must tell you that Sunday is still my favourite day even in quarantine too because I get a holiday from my work from home, so I wait for Sunday right from Monday morning. Coming back to the title ‘Me Time’ according to me one of the most important parts of human life and if it is not the part of your life yet, then you should make it soon because it is a matter to have one.

                      I got to know about this when I started travelling and writing that it is so important to have ‘me time’ in a period of life where nobody can disturb you, make you go cranky it is especially the time where you can do all your crazy stuff and no one is allowed to judge you. My ‘me time’ includes a lot of things right from talking to my self to becoming a bathroom singer & dancer while bathing. I have noticed this thing that human is different in his me time and when he is in his usual mode he is in a different state. It is a kind of exercise which makes you a happy cheerful person and also helps you to grow into a positive person. On a serious note  ‘me time’ has pushed me to a big extent for being positive and especially patient which is very much required in this current period.
                             If you have not inculcated this time in your life then you surely need to and I am not just saying for you to do this I do this too and my dear experience is speaking up now and sharing the thoughts. For me ‘Me Time’ is my favourite time of my routine and I have it every day.

                         Let me know in the comment section what you do in your ‘Me Time’ until then be safe and be happy……


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2 thoughts on “Me Time…….

  1. Very well described. Me time is very essential especially in the times like these. You need to get your sanity back. And you discover a lot about yourself , infact you learn alot about yourself Lovely topic ♥️


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