We are Stories

Black and Red Typewriter                    Stories we all have grown up listening to stories, our every day is made of stories, I still remember grandma used to narrate me stories before I go to bed in the night, one of my favourite stories was of grapes and fox I used to say,’grapes are sour I don’t want to eat’ but then grandpa was used to say, ‘grapes are sour for fox you are princess if you will eat it, you will become healthy’ and then I used to eat them. Stories are something which we imagine in our way. Our day is made up of stories if you noticed every talk, argument, fight, happy moments, sad moments are all part of our story after coming home we tell what happened with us in the whole day in true sense we are narrating a story.
                               Stories define us what we have come through, what are we going through, it is a story through which we try to imagine what can happen to us in our future. You know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to narrate a story that’s why all the humans in this world are not authors or writers. Have ever you heard about the silent story here m not talking about mime act I’m talking about a kind of story which human speak even when he is silent, I have seen lots of silent stories. I can hear stories of people even when they are silent, I do not remember when did I develop this quality but somewhere I’m kind of proud of myself that I can hear stories and sometimes I narrate too. Until a few days back I believed that only we living beings hear stories, narrate stories but when I saw a documentary on a city during this pandemic, I realised so much wrong I was everything on this globe tells a story, it has a story to share. The documentary was speaking about how the city has become lonely these days, the only sound city is hearing is of silence. I sense through the video that the city was missing the noise of kids playing in the streets, the sound of women’s arguing with vendors, the sound of horns in traffic and much more such things.
               You will say how a place can tell a story that is a non-living thing you are right. But still, the place has a lot of stories to say about how it born, how it grows, what all it had gone through, and all these stories are told by its very own people they tell stories on behalf of place. If you ever get an urge to hear stories about the place, just go to that place talk to the localities, elder people they have most beautiful stories to speak and they welcome one who wants to hear stories. There is saying that,’Dada, dadi se acchi kahaaniyaa koi sunha hi nahi sakta’ I must it is a very true saying because I have heard some of the beautiful stories by them.
                  ‘Travel makes you storyteller’ the real meaning of the phrase  I learned today, did you recognised I’m also narrating a story to you all and I didn’t even recognize when I got transformed into a storyteller and at such great level that you all love my stories support me, motivate me to write more. You all are storytellers too, you every day see stories, some stories you speak by talking, while some you speak when you are not even speaking.   

                       Tell me in comments which dada dadi stories you have grown listening too, let us remember our old golden days.

Silhouette of Man

                          Till then be safe be healthy.


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4 thoughts on “We are Stories

  1. Very well narrated that this world is a big collection of stories of people living on it..♥️Btw it was a good way of your grandparents making you eat fruits at that time😅♥️..


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