A Traveler’s Heart….

Good morning readers, today is the seventh day of Navaratri finally the festival period of India has begun, at least something good happening in this year. Yesterday I saw a beautiful picture of the heart and it was talking about traveler life and that’s how I’m here with this topic. You might guess till know by reading the blog’s heading today post will be all about heart, yes it is but I will try making it less philosophical.

A Traveler's Heart Poster | JUNIQE
A meme on Travelers heart

Heart an important organ of the body, organ which makes our body works. Did you ever think we feel thousand of emotion in a day and all these get born through the heart? I mean an organ whose size is almost equal to a fist can create such reactions in our body, isn’t amazing? for me it is. A human is always said to be the person who thinks from the heart first and he thinks from the brain after mess gets happened and when one needs to solve error brain comes in action. Every person makes its heart work in the way he wants like for eg – a writers heart will always be filled with sweet poetry romance quotes, Shayari and much such stuff. Similarly, a traveler’s heart is never meant to be at home. It is found that the person who travels more have a healthy and strong heart, it is a fact because travel makes one’s strong. Don’t worry I’m not favoring travel here I’m just sharing some scientific facts, travel has always welcome a person who has true desire to explore himself, inculcate the behavior of the region he visits and try to become part of it. Nowadays people have started taking the meaning of traveler’s heart in the wrong way, a person thinks if he/she travels to 2/3 destination his/her is called as traveler’s heart. Sorry but isn’t the meaning of this term, the true meaning is the person who desires to travel, to get lost in an unknown land and never return to the point of origin.

Even though I write a travel blog, I’m known as a junior travel blogger but my heart is not of traveler’s not until yet, it is on the way of transforming into one. Currently, I’m in quarantine not travelling but still, I’m desiring for that moment when travelling will resume and I can start capturing images and storing memories again. Someone said so true at a point of time a normal human can hold his heart, but a traveler cannot hold, as his heart belongs everywhere outside his house right from streets to mountain to beaches!!!

What is your heart saying currently, what emotions is your heart producing at the moment let me know in comments, let our heart talk to it’s fullest…

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4 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Heart….

  1. Heart is desperately waiting to get the normal life back …the hustle the mess. Everything 😂
    Wonderful implementation of idea in blog♥️♥️ Very well written 💕💕


  2. Truly said, many people are feeling that they have a traveler’s heart when they just want to relax for a while but fail to understand that there’s much more in the nature. Great piece, keep it up!


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