Teachings of Lock down!!

Hello, everyone good morning and happy Friday. Nowadays Friday’s have become my favorite day of the week, as I have excitement to draft a new post for you guys. Talking about some good news, the Mumbai city is opening step by step October guideline have come and it says restaurants will be open with 50% capacity, Malls will be resuming, theaters will be allowing 50% audience and to some extent, there is a rumor in the city that from 15th October locals will also be opening for all. Hearing about all this it seems that lock down is finally coming to end and bright and happy days are not so much far !! My today’s topic is all about the things which I have learned, realized in this period of quarantine, so let’s begin.

Lock down, the biggest vacation one could have ever thought off, started in the month of March with a panic situation, everything just shuts down without any intimation, without any prior notice. Initially, it was announced that lock down will be of 21 days but that 21 days have not ended till yet. You know my internships were going on in those days and it was quite a hectic to travel daily and I was praying for a week-long vacation but didn’t knew that God will listen to me and provide 7 month-long vacations. Such a long vacation that now I’m just waiting to things get resume and I can get back to my routine. In the starting days of a lock down or let me put it like this in starting months I enjoyed a lot I followed the cycle of eating writing, sleeping repeat. But as the months passed and came the month of July I was done with my vacation, thanks to mum and dad they kept planning short one day trips so I can keep myself fresh or else I don’ know what would I have done. Lock down has also brought a sense of responsibility in me, it taught me how to be patient, because of which I ‘am surviving till now, it gave me time to spend with family and loved ones. It also proved me wrong in terms of taking things, moment, people who are closed to me for granted, if I would have known that lock down is going to happen maybe I would have spent time more precariously, I would have told them they matter to me being, being with them makes me happy, Alas! I didn’t value them and time took it away from me never-mind I will ensure from now that I don’t take things in my life for granted like never.

There are some positive things too about this long term vacation like I got a lot of time to spend myself. Learn new things about myself, currently, I’m living a healthy life, like eating healthy, working out, doing healthy massage of my hair and trust me results I’m getting out of this healthy therapy is incredible, I have also opened my professional Instagram account of Musafir Diaries (Link is below this blog). Lock down has made me realize sometimes a pause in life is important to spend each moment with a smile and embrace the beautiful life. Somewhere I’m happy that this happened because I learned the importance of things, which I didn’t have before this. Also, I’m somewhere waiting to go out, to start travelling enjoy each moment and spend time as I used to !!

What is your teaching of lock down how has lock down been for you so far, let me know in comments…

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