Then and Now!

Hola readers, It’s a happy day of the week at least for me, I hope it is for you too. It’s Friday and here I’m with a new blog topic. A quick sneak peak news, colleges are about to open in Mumbai city, though colleges are open in other states I hope it begins in this city too. I’m more awaiting for the confirmed news so that my travel can resume again. Anyways today’s blog will be a bit of comparison so I hope you all like reading the same, let’s get started.

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Comparison has always been part of our lives, isn’t it? I mean why do we compare? what’s the need of it? All I found about comparison is that we do it to talk or remember about good and bad days, to see the superiority between 2 or more humans. Sometimes the comparison is good while sometimes it’s bad. Good comparison leads to a healthy competition where everyone looks out for their personal growth as well as their strategic too. Whereas Bad comparison leads to jealously, rivalry, fights, think about it who will do a bad comparison purposely. if bad comparison happens unintentionally one can try to dissolve it for sure. Don’t worry I’m not here to give you lessons about the comparison. I’m here to make you remember the golden days of travel, those were the days and now are the days.

Then we used to plan trips freely without any hesitation, without thinking about the consequences. Then we used to think about the weather conditions, about packing clothes, about attractions, accommodation, food and so much more. Do you remember how we used to wait for a vacation or a weekend so that we can travel, prepare our-self for the adventures, for the fun, for the creations of memories that can become part of us for lifelong. And now here we are waiting for the golden days to arrive again so that can we book our tickets, pack our bags and just get lost to the world where we can feel alive again, we can again enjoy ourself to the most. Though we have started travelling again, the risk is not still over yet precautions are still necessary to be taken. Now travelling is resuming but with a whole new chapter, in a whole new norm and this new norm is going to stay with us for a very long time. You know what the brighter side about this covid is that it made us change our way of living, way of looking up to things. It taught us how to be responsible, how to think about our own safety before doing anything negative. It’s a bitter truth but somewhere we should be thankful about this pandemic which gave us a whole new way to live life carefully and responsibly.

Then and now are the days which will make us remember our some good and bad deeds, actions, reactions and most importantly looking up to things.
What are your thought about ‘Then and Now’ let me know in comments, till then be healthy and be safe. Happy weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Then and Now!

  1. Indeed Looking forward to travelling norms. Things would certainly change but the feeling is more exquisite now. Well expressed. ✌🏻😁


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