The unforeseen Day!

Hello people, the weekend is here and so I’m with a new blog topic which is a continuation of the previous blog (Link below the blog). Small quick good news locals are about to begin for all in Mumbai from 1st February with a certain time frame. Finally, it can be seen that things are on the verge of getting back to normal which is a good thing. Anyways I’m here to describe my yesterday something unusual happened with me which I never thought of, the thing which I saw on Instagram reels happened with me in reality. My lovely friends made my birthday very special by surprising me with lots of memories I cherished with them in past few years.

I didn’t have much excitement for my birthday this year, I was behaving like it ain’t a big deal, it’s just my birthday. Otherwise, for me, my birthday is the most important day of my life, I use to start giving reminders to all the people around me that it’s my day, it is my happy day. But this time I guess the maturity of being grown-up came to me in advance even before the actual day. This year my parents surprised me on my birthday with balloons and cakes so they made my day, made me feel special this year it was vice versa my mum dad was excited for the day and I was being neutral. Tables turn so quickly I experienced it this year. Yesterday a similar thing happened again my lovely friends planned an unforeseen surprise for me which was so unexpected by me. I have seen planning surprise bday party for friends but one day the same thing would happen to me I never thought about it. The arrangement the planning made me so flabbergasted, it was like how can someone love you so much that they end giving just a pinch of a smile on your face. All the thought process, arrangement were done secretly so that I shouldn’t get any hint of it. You know the best part was they planned everything on basis of my liking, my desires and to be honest I didn’t know till yesterday that my friends know me so well. Touch-wood I’m lucky such people belong to me, they are part of me they complete me.

It was a great day with lots of laughs, fun and remembering the olden days those moments. It was truly an unforeseen day for me and one more part of happy smiling memories of my birthday got added to my bigger book of memories. I feel happy to share my unforeseen day with you all.

Have fun reading, till then be safe and be healthy. Have a fun weekend.

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