Traveler’s Home….

Hi readers, hoping that February is going well for all of you and I’m back again with a new topic which is my favorite topic to talk about. A quick little sad news would like to share that cases have started again to rise in the Mumbai and many other cities. Cases in Mumbai have especially risen just because of the resumption of locals. People covid is still out there, the virus hasn’t vanished yet so be safe. Let’s get started with today’s topic.

Home a place where human find his or her heaven on Earth. A place where a person can sit with his people has a quality time with his family or partners or guardians. We all work hard to earn money for just one day of week i.e Sunday so that we can have time for ourself, time for getting a breath of relaxation for the whole week. Think about it who won’t like to stay home, I mean I agree sometimes the urge of going out roaming around becomes so strong that it gets difficult to handle. But after roaming after being away from the house for just 1 hour or 1 week we always come back to this place and the moment we enter the house we say one statement ‘Ghar aaye swarg aaye’ (Back home is equal to back to heaven) For a common person his home is everything but what about a person who lives for wanderlust, who just desires to be present in every corner of the world at some point of his life. Yes, I’m talking about traveler a psychic human who just lives just to explore.

Traveller a person for whom his/ her home is not limited to 4 walls, but the entire world belongs to him or should I frame it as he/ she belongs to the entire world. How amazing it is to describe your home as every city, every natural landscape in the world. You know somewhere in our life we should just once try to think like a traveler. I’m not saying to quit job close your work and become traveler no all I’m saying is just to broaden your perspective in terms of travel. Once in a year take a break from your professional life and undertake a trip of your mood or choice, whether a road trip, trip to home town or trip to an unknown foreign land and not only explore the destination but explore yourself too.

I know sometimes I talk too philosophical about travelling and you all might be thinking that I travel very much less and write a blog giving us the lesson of travelling. You guys are totally right but I have my reasons too, I would have travelled in 2020 bt the covid and lockdown happened and my destiny denied me from travelling. But in 2021 I have promised myself this year I will try my best to explore more and keep bringing new and fresh content for MusafirDiaries on regular basis.

Guys start travelling locally start exploring the places and then you will also start feeling that somewhere these places belong to you make you happy. At the end entire world belongs to the traveler because wherever he/she goes it makes him/her happy healthy and a wanderlust.
I hope you all like reading the blog and till then be safe be healthy and have a fun weekend.

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