The journey of unknown to know!

Hello readers, I’m back after a break of one week I know this has never happened like me not writing the blog, not getting excited for Friday is little weird . Though my favourite day has shifted to Thursday nothing serious wanted to get rid of the pattern so yea from now every Thursday will be a blog day. I’m all good everything is fine it’s just that last week went stressful for me and also I wanted to have my time so. Anyways you might have heard the news about the vaccination drive, finally, the process of vaccination has begun for above 60 years and people with acute illness. Finally, we can hope better days are not very far but still taking precautions is a must. Today’s topic is all about learning, getting known and finding happiness let’s get started.

Know, known in simple words (kis cheese ka pata hona ) to know something. Telling me something whenever you decide to learn some unknown activity what comes to your mind, in my mind the first thing that born is a curiosity to learn, to get known, to get familiar with it. Then comes the will to complete the particular task or activity which I undertook, because if there is no will there is no success for completion of the task. And the most important thing about the journey of the unknown is to be active i.e. you need to be ready for unannounced, unexpected circumstances while undergoing the process of learning. In the world of travel also all these above things matter a lot.

If we talk about travel, it’s a common-sense thing right that everyone is interested in visiting or travelling to a new destination, a new region. Nobody will be happy or excited about visiting the location more than once unless and until he/she is a Travel Agent, Photographer, business person or sometimes blogger/ vlogger too, the reason behind them visiting the same destination again is because they are getting paid for travelling. Now you will say we visit our home town ever year you are right, but I’m talking about unknown places, places which you might have just heard, saw pictures or videos of it. I’m writing today to explain to you all the beautiful journey of unknown to known. The journey where a person travels with curiosity, excitement to make that unknown land known. Trust me, readers this is the only one journey in which a person finds himself getting happy and cheerful. This journey of unknown to known is not only about travelling to a particular region, exploring, clicking photos, writing about it, it is also about to find that one particular thing in that region which can give you the essence of turning the region into your known list with a happy heart.

People in my 5 years of connection with travel I mean the period from which I got attached to travel, founded my happiness in it I learned that the journey of unknown to known is one of the most beautiful aspects of travel. This urge to converting the region from unknown to known is the best thing a human can find in the world of wanderlust. I have personally experienced this and my journey was just astounding. I will suggest you all undertake this journey at least once in your life, if you have you can get my whole concept of this blog. But if you haven’t done it once and then you will find all these things which I explained are true.

This was my time guys have fun reading the blog let me know did you like the blog or not.
Till then be safe and be happy…..

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