Reading leads you to Express!

Hola Amigos today I have something to share with you all which is very close to me and it is one of my favorite pass time. But before a little bit of sneak-peak, yesterday I had a small celebration of my brothers birthday. It was a fun happy day after so long. The good news is that Maharashtra saw a dip in cases by god grace but also a vaccination drive for the 18-44 year slot is eliminated to provide a second dose to those of 45+. Anyways it was very tough to book a slot on Cowin (the govt site for booking slots for getting vaccinated) it was not less than the fastest finger first game, those who tried booking a slot especially in Mumbai will feel me. Getting back to the topic let me share with you my experience with the topic.

My Kindle!

Reading is something that has become part of us we read chats, news, messages, memes, jokes, our study materials, books. We can’t deny the fact that reading helps us gain the knowledge I’m right? We have been listening since the ages that “More you read more you get power” I have started believing this statement in past few years. I still remember till my 10th board reading was a tough job for me, I used to throw tantrums just to read things whether it is a newspaper or my school textbook they all used to be my nightmare. Then suddenly in my high school, I saw a book in hands of my classmate with an attractive cover and title was “Half Girlfriend”- Chetan Bhagat. Yes I get attracted to that book I ordered my first ever novel I read it and since then reading is something that has become part of me. Not joking I get the feeling of something is missing if I don’t read a book in 2/3 months. After my first novel, I started reading on regular basis then one day I was introduced to kindle an ebook tablet that allows you to read the book digitally by my friend. I think the kindle is nothing but a long term investment to read books rather than keep buying new books each time. Thanks to my dad who bought a kindle for me so that my reading habit can be evergreen. But somewhere I also accept that true enjoyment in reading the book can be received only by physical books. True excitement to read the books come through physical one only, those scrolling through pages, the fragrance of opening a new book and turning the pages through your hand that experience has different feeling and it cannot be compared with Kindle. I have 12-14 books in physical form I still go through it sometimes and missing buying physical books but never mind kindle isn’t bad too.

My favorite pass time at my favorite place…

As I said reading is something which helps you gain knowledge but what if I say reading can help you in expressing things easily? Ever thought about it? I also never believe this fact since I got so emerged in reading. Reading on regular basis and especially reading different genre of books help me realised that reading can help you express in a much easier way than you expressing without reading. There are many people out there who are more habitual reader than me, I’m just at intermediate level and those who are real book lover will try to get me what I’m saying. I also noticed that reading has improved my vocabulary, my imagination power and my thinking. But to be honest, It has mostly helped in expressing my feelings, my thoughts, my ideas or views to people out there in a very decent manner. If you have a habit of reading books other than my blogs that’s great but if not start reading people, you will find yourself a more easy-going person and you will start living happy because you will be able to express what all is going on within you. Start with small light books as I started and slowly and slowly you will find yourself getting accustomed to this habit.
Let me know in the comments which were your first book you read and got habitual to reading.

This was my time guys, have fun reading the blog, comment on the blog subscribe MusafirDiaries and be safe and healthy!

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