Afternoon my lovelies Thursday afternoon is here and I’m too with a new blog, a new topic. But before starting a quick sneak-peak about certain happening around us. IPL season 2021 got suspended due to the obvious reason of Covid. Cases are seen to be decreasing but on the same side there is shortage of oxygen cylinders and vaccines. Nowadays I feel like daily soaps are much more soothing than depressing news. Whenever I switch on T.V  I avoid watching news channels because there is nothing but negativity that can be seen or heard. Instead, I keep reading novels on my kindle or do some binge-watching because it helps to divert my mind. Anyways coming back to today’s topic, the topic is about reviving, regaining the feeling, the desires the wishes which have been lost somewhere and hoping for its quick recovery Let us get started.

We try to achieve things, fulfill ours and our loved ones desire and we try that these wishes are not lost by us don’t we? I try not to lose my stuff or forget it someplace and can’t remember about it in future. You can slightly call me careless because I forget or lose things very quickly and the bashing which I receive from mum after losing is horrible! trust me hearing taunts after forgetting things is truly a nightmare for me. I guess it is nightmare for many of you too. Today I want to tell you something which I have lost for a long time and I am unable to revive it till today. I have lost my urge to travel my only true desire of life. Since last year it has been stolen by circumstances and I could not regain it. The reason is very simple, to be honest, there are many reasons and not one. Some top reasons in the list include pandemic, negative vibe, lockdown, restriction by family and list continuous. I never thought that a personal feeling or desire can get lost and reviving it is much more difficult than losing it. I don’t know about you all but talking about me I’m lost without my desire it’s like I don’t know how long will I have to wait to gain my happiness back again. All I can do is stay calm and look up to a positive future which I’m doing.

Lost but soon will be revived!

You know I used to think feelings can never get lost instead feelings could end, but happy realisation to me this pandemic introduce me to this reality and I’m not happy with this introduction. Travel is only the thing, the only feeling, the only desire which gives me happiness and if that also gets lost then I hope you all can understand what’s happening inside me. Don’t you worry I’m not ill okay It’s just that I’m waiting for the revival and this waiting period is neither getting finished nor decreasing. I was waiting since last year, I’m waiting still and I will be waiting tomorrow too. Let’s hope this revival gets over soon and I can get some new motivation to write for you all. This does not mean I’m not going to write no never, my writings will continue because this is only a habit that currently gives me positive vibes.

Have you ever lost something and revived it? or you are also like me that you lost and forgot? Let me know in the comments your thoughts about reviving. And by the way vaccination drive for 18- 44 years of age has begun if you getting vaccines do get vaccinated because in my city there are shortages of the vaccine. I have completed my registration and looking for slots for the vaccine but have not got lucky yet, but soon I will.

This was my time readers have fun reading the blog and till then be safe be healthy and get their vaccinations done as soon as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Revive….

  1. wow, what a clarity of expressions, honesty of expression and beauty of language . Guru tumame dum hain.
    yes, We are lost ,but beauty is humans, sensible humans get lost now and then,but recover back for getting lost in some thing new. Like readers of your log have lost in your writing and wait eagerly for next blog.
    The reading made me t go through many emotions and yes i will keep commenting more than once on this blog as it is worth it.Recall famous Gazal sung by “Talat Mahmood” Jab gum ka andhera ghir aaye ,samjho ki savera dur nahin….or other lines Rat bhar ka mahama hain andhera kiske roke ruka hain savera.
    So which novels are going on,defiitely that will also enlighten us,we your readers.
    will visit again for fresh reading and comment .


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