Bounded by Technology…..

Hi, readers, we are at the end of May almost the end of summer but we can’t see the end of the pandemic. Instead, new diseases are arising from covid such as Black and Yellow Fungus. It’s getting too much day by day its seems like we have so much time to do stuff but what to do we have no answer. All we do is a couch suring or stick to our phone laptop, tv and other electronic gadgets. My today’s topic is exactly about all of this.

Technology a boon or curse I remember writing essay on this topic in my schools days. In those days to be honest I was not that influenced by technology which I’m now.  I used to write in my essay that technology is surely a boon to us this was used to be the last line of my essay. It was real. In those days I was hardly connected to technology because my whole day I spent in school, tuitions, studies and somewhat leisure. Even my phone was a small keypad one of Nokia which used to have just one game of snakes. It was given to me so that my parents could have contact with me in case of emergency. Those were the days when technology meant nothing to me. My life was bounded by books, cartoons, my cycle and my friends. I never thought about the future I just live in the moment. I used to roam, eat and complete my task this was my life then.

School finished and I ended up in college and simultaneously I was introduced to technology, I got my first ever personal screen touch phone Redmi Matt Black in colour it was so classy phone I used to flaunt it. From then technology has been around me day and night morning and afternoon. I got so addicted that whenever my guardians or my friends used to call me I used to pick the phone in a single ring my phone used to be in my hand every time. You can get my addiction now. It started with the phone then it went on with tab, laptop, smartphone and it ended with kindle which is the latest gadget I have currently. In Redmi I had basic apps like camera, music, and call option that’s it. The phone which I’m currently using has everything it has a whole bunch of apps right from food ordering apps, shopping apps, house cleaning app to all the well known social media apps. I’m not feeling happy to confess that there is not more than one game on my phone and the reason is very stupid I don’t have time to play the game because I’m busy surfing or stalking people on social media. I never imagined I had to keep my phone away just to detox myself, have my time. While in those days all I used to have is just my time. How drastically things have changed never thought one day I will run away from this technology so that I can be with myself.

Today while I see outside in the world everywhere I look all I can see is people sticking to their gadgets. I feel ashamed to say that kids or people who are younger than me are born with this technology. I see younger people around me who use a more expansive phone than mine and then flaunt about it. They think having smartphone being on social media creating ticktock videos is their way of enjoying childhood might be it’s cool. My thinking is different from this, to be honest for me childhood is playing games on the field whether it running a race, hide and seek, Chinese whisper game or playing memory games. Those were the days when I used to go out by 5 pm and come back by 8 pm in the night and all I used to do is just play.  Vacations were a true blessing for me, today vacations are all about chilling in one corner of the room which kids do on normal days too difference is just that they don’t have to open books for a month.

I’m not blaming anyone definitely no I’m just trying to explain that we are so much bounded by technology that somewhere we are losing the real us. People are showcasing themselves in a way which in reality they are not which is according to me not good. I agree I’m bounded by technology too but today I have understood the worth of it and currently, I try to stay away from technology for at least 2-3 hours a day. In that time I do things that freshen up my mind like going for walk and many such. Never thought in my childhood that one day after growing I would say that technology has become a curse for us. Trust me no one is at fault it just we have become so advanced that all of this has become part of us and without them, it’s difficult for us to sustain

In the end, I would like to say that we are in a vicious circle and I’m not telling you to come out of this instead I’m telling you to stay with it but simultaneously find time for yourself too. The time when you are with yourself, your family and your friends is physically and mentally in front of you and not virtually.

What do you do to detox yourself from technology let me know in the comments. Till then be safe be healthy and get vaccinated if the vaccine is available in your locality.

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6 thoughts on “Bounded by Technology…..

  1. Stay 1 hour tech free every day and you’ll see how much good you feel. In my opinion Social detox is the major key for personal development. 🌟


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