Second Home !

Hello everyone today is the happiest day of my life. This is the 100th post of Musafir-Diaries, yes it is the day I was waiting for since long and it has arrived. I’m top of the world currently and this is all because of my followers, readers supporters. Thank you everyone we have come this far and many more miles to go. Please be my supporters always!

People June is here can anyone believe six months of 2021 has been passed in a wink of an eye. After realizing this I was like how and why did it go? In the end nothing can I do. Anyways lock down is extended in my area but with god grace, it has extended with some ease in restrictions. Earlier the market was used to be open from 7 am – 11 am that too only essential item in my area. From June 1 time got extended from 7 am – 2 pm even non-essentials are allowed too. A little bit of sunshine in dark clouds I would say. Today’s topic is a description of a place which is not your home but still, you like going there, being there!
Let us get started.

Home this word this place is where we feel ourself comfortable. A human belief says that for him there are two heavens one on earth and one which is the real one. It takes times to reach the original heaven but the heaven which is said to be on Earth is his home the place which he creates by spending penny by penny. It is a saying in Hindi (ghar aaye swarg milgaya) means came back home and got heaven. A home is a place where family begins, a place where a person comes back after a long tiring day from work. It has been scientifically proved that as a person enters the house all his stress, worries vanished away. Talking about present scenario all of this concept, phrases seems rubbish at least it does for me. Many of you might agree with me being at home since one year hardly got the opportunity to step out and roam it is bound to happen that you start feeling this. For instance, let’s get to past and my today’s point of the topic. Everyone loves their home but many have feelings for the second one too. Let me explain when life was normal and we used to get holidays we used to rush to our hometowns or some getaway destination don’t we? if we still get the opportunity we will do it. I will for sure, those getaways, those hometowns are known as our second home.

A home which makes you feel alive

Hometowns, holidays getaway are our second home because we cannot live there permanently one or the other day we need to come back to our real home one day. It is not that we don’t like to be in our second home, it’s about responsibilities, duties which can be completed by being away. Currently sitting at home not able to travel for a year I’m missing my second home too much. My second home is none other than my hometown currently, a place where I was born a place that makes me feel alive from within. My hometown is my very favourite second home not just because I get to see my other family but because I get to roam around those streets, those markets enjoy that silence of night which I miss in my home. It has been more than one year since I have visited my hometown and now it’s becoming near to impossible for me to wait for more. All I can hope is for soon I will be able to go there. Talking about reality check I call my hometown second home because I have nowhere else to go a place where I can calm myself live there for as many days as I want. Being unemployed matters a lot at this age, it not that I have been unemployed due to a pandemic or some other issue. It’s about choice and I have chosen not to be employed because I want to complete my masters and then get a job. You must be thinking why suddenly I raise the topic of employment, it’s simple I want to build my second home with my hard work and penny by penny. A home which will be in a faraway land a place where there is just my home me and feelings of being alive. I know it’s easy to say difficult to do, but this is what it is my dream house or my second home. A home where I could be able to live in present and not worry about the future. I’m ready to work day night for my second home and by god grace and good luck wishes my fellow readers, friends and family I will accomplish it sometime in my life. I know I exaggerated a bit more but yes I want to turn this into reality and hope that soon I will.

What are your thoughts about the second home? do you have a second home other than your hometown? if yes how is it what it looks likes let me know in the comments.

This was my time guys, have fun reading the blog comment on it and subscribe @Musafir-Diaries. Till then be safe, be healthy!


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