Everyday is not your Day!

Good evening people, it’s hot or rainy weather cannot decide its rains in one moment and it is sunny in next. Talking about current situations lockdown hasn’t been ended yet but many relaxations have been availed. But soon the third wave is about to come and we need to be prepared for it.

We are so tired at home, that as the relaxations were eased people started roaming again crazily. Even me for a moment day before yesterday I too went on a date with my best friend and everything was open every shop, restaurants are allowing dine-in, some are even roaming without a mask as if covid has ended.

We will have to pay for consequences in the coming days and talking about me, I have stopped thinking and reacting. If there are relaxation very good if there is a lockdown good, I don’t care to be honest.

Talking about today’s topic, the topic is about a situation which is sometimes in our favour and sometimes it’s not. So let’s talk about it in little deep today.

Days are part of our lives, our regular routine. We wake up each day with a new determination, new positivity and work hard towards achieving targets. A man works hard to complete his task, a child work hard to study well, mother works hard to complete daily chores and fulfil all the requirements of the family.

Every person on this planet keeps working to their best so that he/she can enjoy a minute of relief or happiness. People say every day is a new day a new start but does every day can be your day? Earlier I used to think yes it can be, but as I started growing up, started evolving in the various environment I learnt every day can’t be your day.

Some days of life are just meant to be bad so that we can learn a lesson from it. I don’t why I’m telling this but yes bad days have taught me a lot in life.
Especially since last one and a half year I have gone through many bad moments, some were in college, somewhere due to lockdown some due to fights with guardians. Many of you also might have gone through this.

Whenever I used to have bad days, I used to get cranky a lot like a lot. I used to or should I say I still somewhere doubt my skills in bad times, though most of the times I make my mind by saying “its ok, shit happens” “it will get passed” and it does get passed.

I will tell you if I got bashings today tomorrow I do get compliment too. It does happen with me. It took me time to process through this but yes to the very extent I have accepted this concept. Earlier I used to get numb, now I just cuss in my mind, take a deep breath and move on.

Everyday work hard!!!

In the end, this is life every day I cannot get compliments if I start getting then there might be something seriously wrong. Most of you will think that why I’m suddenly started talking so mature, according to me it’s not maturity it’s about understanding. Understanding the situation, the fault and moving on.

I have learned that my every blog cannot be super hit and that’s fine I will still keep trying, keep writing. So that after writing 4 blogs my 5th blog will be a bomb. This bomb can only get blast if you all keep reading my blogs, correcting them and keep supporting.

Hence, whether it’s a bad day or a good day all that matter is how much effort I have put into it and what learnings I received from it.

This was my time guys, have fun reading the blog.
Till then be safe, be healthy and get vaccinated.

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