Mumbai ki Barish!

Good evening folks, rains are here and with that, we can see a dip in covid cases good news it is and I hope this good news remains with us for a long time.

Talking about today’s topic, it’s about my city the place where I was brought up a place which is close to me more than my hometown. Like this city is primary and hometown is secondary. I’m talking about Mumbai the city which gave me lots of things. 

Today’s post is about that one thing which Mumbai has made me experience, the thing which I’m not fond of but still, I like it. 

I’m Talking about rains Mumbai ki Barish! There is nothing like Mumbai’s rains. The entire season is very special to the city because lots of things happen during this period. There is reopening of schools, college, waterlogging on roads, increasing of traffic, the massive Ganesh Chaturti Celebration and those sweet little moments of enjoying the rain with a cup of tea or going on a long drive. 

It is said that visiting Mumbai and not experiencing the rains is a nightmare. Along with all of these things rains teaches you lots of things. Like it taught me how to enjoy small little moments, how to spend time with yourself and how to wind down yourself during stressful situations.

Mumbai has a lot to offer during rains and experiencing those things is a must!

Things to do during rains

Walk down to Bandra Bandstand

This is one of the hotspot locations in Mumbai and during rains, this place is most visited. During rains walk down here enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with corn(Bhutta), take a stroll here and your evening can become pleasant.

Drive to Aarey Milk Colony

The maximum greenery of Mumbai can be found here. Colony is a good place to visit in the evening. It has lots of cafes, lakes, green gardens and space for boating. Chota Kashmir an observatory is said to be must visit.

Dare to walk at Marine Drive

Indulge yourself with the waves of Marine Drive. During Monsoon it becomes one of the major locations in the city to enjoy rains. It is my personal favourite place during monsoon and I don’t miss a single chance to visit this place.

Try Monsoon Foods

Head out of the house and enjoy the tempting fast foods which are the speciality of this season. Some of well known are Corn (Bhutta) Vada pav with Tea or Coffee, Pakoras and delicious fresh fish meal. Fish is a good meal to have during this season as they are fresh and it is healthy to have them.

Go for Trek

Trekking in Mumbai is a favourite activity to do during the monsoon. Lots of treks officially and unofficially are planned during the period of monsoon, if you are adventurous then trekking should top your bucket list.

Being a Mumbaikar, I have observed that Mumbai show its true colour during monsoon. The city gets more beautiful, more vibrant and most importantly it motivates me more to travel and explore the true vibes of it.

If you ever plan or going to undertake a trip to the financial capital of India, now is the time to explore it. Though there is Covid outside but for a second if you forget pandemic and think about travel and that too in Mumbai then it must be in rains for sure!

What are your thoughts about Mumbai ki Barish let me know in the comments. Till then be safe, be healthy and get Vaccinated.ย 

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