To the trip which made me responsible!

Hello my lovelies, I’m back after a week with a new exciting and fun reading blog.  This blog will tell you all about the happiness which I experienced after almost two years and which made me responsible, elder and most importantly smarter in eyes of my mum and dad.

Outfit for the trip!

This trip gave me self confidence that I can do things on my own; I can manage and take decisions precisely. So with no more waiting let’s get started.

I took a short solo trip to my hometown Mathura. It was a solo trip for me but for mom and dad, it was a test to evaluate whether I have become responsible to do things on my own or not. The trip was planned on such a sudden note that for few hours I wasn’t able to process that in reality, I’m going to travel alone.

I undertook a journey through my favourite mode of transport and many of you might have guessed it right till now yes, its trains my only motivation to travel more and more. Dad did my reservation on Tuesday and on Thursday I boarded the train.

After dad declared that I’m going you should have seen my mum’s face and behaviour. She had a combination of mixed emotions on her face. Somewhere she was happy, the next moment she was nervous about how m I gonna manage and in other she was confused whether should she send me or not.

To be honest, I love these reactions of her she showed so much caring and love towards me which hardly used to come out from her. I just had one day i.e Wednesday to pack and get ready. I shouldn’t say this but Thursday the day of boarding came in the wink of an eye.

I had my train on Thursday evening, and the entire Thursday for me was a session of guidelines from mum, dad and even my brother Aman. I was awestruck to see Aman explaining to me certain things which I need to take care of. He installed the IRCTC Ixigo app on my phone so that I can keep track of stations and understand where I have reached.  I was happy and felt strange too why so much caring in such a little time. In the end, it’s my family they will be scared and anxious no matter if I’m 21 or 51.

Happiness of getting Window seat

While leaving for boarding train Mumma came up with a new dilemma whether she should come to see off me at the station or no. Dad was already coming to see me off but she was in dilemma till the last few hours before leaving. Finally, she came to the conclusion that she will come to drop me. I got ready to leave with them, you won’t believe I travelled with just two bags one was my backpack one was my luggage bag.

I accommodated all my clothes accessories in my backpack and mom filled my luggage with some goodies for my relatives in my hometown. So yes my first ever solo trip and that too with the least luggage.

My Train

I boarded my train August Kranti Rajdhani Express which starts from Mumbai Central and ends at Hazart Nizzamudin Station, New Delhi. As I entered my compartment there was no one except me and two men in the entire coach. I thought it’s the first station so people will board from other stations. But you won’t believe in my entire life I have never seen a train this empty. There were only 9-10 people in my entire coach; most of the seats were empty. For a moment I got the feeling I own this coach as if god has praised me with lots of comfort for this trip.

The empty coach

I was so excited for the entire trip that I kept looking out the window the entire time as a little girl who gets butterflies in her stomach after seeing tracks, natural landscapes and not to forget other trains and stations. On this trip, I should have slept more comfortably but I didn’t have sound sleep reason I don’t know maybe I was alone or it was the excitement of travelling solo.

I reached my hometown by 8 in the morning, deboarded the train and met my sister and the whole family. It was a good feeling to reunite with my people, with the place where people care for me adore me and most importantly love and care for me!

My grandpa’s home!

It was a beautiful experience for me, I wanted to undertake this journey for since long like I was saying mum dad to send me alone to my hometown for the last 2 years. Never mind it happened this year and this trip made me a happy traveller again though for a short period but it did!

To the first solo trip ever entire journey is my favourite memory. What is your favourite memory about your solo trip? Have you undertaken any? If yes what all you did?

If no you must undertake one, trust me after my experience it will turn you into a responsible human

This was my time guys have fun reading the blog and let me known your thoughts about this story of solo trip!

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8 thoughts on “To the trip which made me responsible!

  1. Beautiful narration.
    In our time we were declared old enough to travel by train alone,not such big journey or by broad gauge.
    Between two places hardly away by distance of 40-50 Kms.But it used to take minimum two to three hours.
    Yes when I was 10 year old ,I was considered senior enough to be independent .Train bus journeys were expected exactly as per instructions.But all ppl around were almost family in those days,no risk,no trouble.
    Congratulations ,you travelled in special time ,troubled time …that too between economic capital and political capital.
    Wish you this year and years coming ahead with lovely journeys within India and abroad to bring pleasent experiences.Beautiful Blog.


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