In between Clouds!

Good Afternoon fellas, its rainy afternoon actually it’s a rainy week. Weather is so good and pleasant but going out in rain is fussy real fussy. For me rains are good unless and until I’m home or somewhere in shelter.

For me rains means sitting at home watching a favourite movie or series having a cup of coffee in my balcony capturing green environment around me and that’s it. This is a perfect definition of rainy day for me.

Talking about Thursday funday topic, it is again a travel topic. A story about my recent getaway, I was not overcome with my solo trip and this trip arrives. I’m so happy to go on back to back trips it was a perfect feeling for me, it was like yes! This is what I want trips, journeys and hell lot of travel stories.

Getting back to topic many of you might know my family connection actually my dad’s connection with a hill station just in the outskirts of Mumbai which is Lonavala.

Comparatively to last time this trip was different and this difference was fun too.

We were group of 10 people it’s like my family, mumma’s two friends and their family. Planning began for this trip the day I returned from Mathura. We were thinking for different options where can we go for one night stay and after all discussions and solving confussions we opted for Lonavala.

After deciding destination second step was to decide where to live in hotel, resorts or villa. Again after holding a panel of discussion, we come to conclusion of renting a villa by Airbnb.

The roadtrip

We booked a villa in Lonavala it was my first time and to be honest my first impression was too good I was satisfied with the property. It was huge 3 bhk villa with huge lawn in front of it. Villa was made in multi stories like ground floor and first floor. Everything was finalised and we left for the trip on Saturday.

As usual me being the excited one got ready early kept all my accessories in my backpack and was ready to undertake a trip to the not so favourite spot but the excitement was to take it in different way.

Our Villa

The entire roadtrip was just beautiful it was raining continuously hence weather was good it was a combination of fog with cold winds and raindrops. We were the first to reach the location and the place was so surreal than virtual. I was feeling like wish this house can be ours forever, but coming back to reality I explore the whole villa it was clean well maintained and especially sanitised by the caretaker before our arrival so plus point for that.

After arrival of everyone, being hungry we ordered the VadaPav from our evergreen spot in the city The Golden Vada pav dad forever loves. After filling our stomach we went on small hike in the evening bit far away from our one day home and it was fun, for me the fun was I got the opportunity to sit in mumma’s friend car which had a sun roof and me being excited one I asked the uncle can I have the pleasure he was like all yours and there I was standing enjoying cold breeze and raindrops touching over my face.

The Foggy morning

It was off-roading hike for us but very much fun too. We enjoyed in natural waterfall and in the late evening we come back to villa. After getting freshens up we started having fun can you believe villa was big that we played kho kho and musical chair inside the house. God what a fun evening it was. After all enjoyments and talks we noticed that outside the weather has become so good that we were able to spot the clouds on the lawn.

We slept late at night having dinner, talking and playing games. After this amazing evening my morning was more blissful after waking up I was able to spot clouds over the mountains as well as on the lawn again. Best morning ever, morning became better when we played cricket like all of us. We got divided into two teams and had fun unknowing about any rules and regulations we had crazy fun.

After all the fun and having breakfast it was time to leave most hatred moment for me. It was a good much needed trip and in between clouds and mystic weather, I found happy me!!

This was my time readers, have fun reading my blog and let me known your thoughts about my weekend trip…

Till then be safe and have fun monsoon!

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