Kolkata: The sweet hub of India!

Kolkata is known to be as food of haven and many of you might be unaware of the fact that the city is also called by an alternative name i.e. City of Roshgullas. It is said that Bengali’s and their love for Mishti is never ending. 

We are so much into these sweets, thanks to Bollywood movies who has made us believed that the symbol of Kolkata is a pot of Mishti in hands of Bengali Babumoshai (the Gentleman in simple words)

The Bengalis are very proud of their sweet dishes and all these sweets are not only an important part of their occasions but daily diet too. Wether it is jalebi in breakfast, mishti in lunch or roshgullas in dinner sweets always make their space in meals of Kolkata. 

There is a reason why the food of Kolkata is world famous and lots of foodies, food bloggers and travellers visit this city to enjoy the essence of sweets existing in this city. 

Here is a list of sweets without which your trip to the city of joy cannot be completed.


Do not get yourself affiliated with the name; it this sweet has no connection with Sita. Comprised of rice with Gulab jamun in between this dish is a must try in the city. The dish consists of cheese, rice flour and sugar it is also known as the sweet pulao. The dish comes from Bardhaman. You can find lots of shops offering these sweets, but to try the real and pure you need to visit Ganguram Sweets which has a speciality in preparing it. 


Do not mistake to consider Pantera and Gulab Jamun as the same thing, both of these are different and carries a unique speciality. A traditional Bengali dish prominent in entire West Bengal and Bangladesh made of deep fried balls of semolina, chhena, milk, ghee and sugar syrup. They range in colour from pale brown to nearly black depending on how long they are fried.


This is another classical Bengali dish made of Channa and Kesar Strands. Eating this dish you will get a feel similar to Roshgulla. Rajbhog to a extend share its recipe with Roshgulla. Dish is found normally during occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event. While exploring Kolkata finding Rajbhog on the menu of local hotels is not a rare thing.


Being a part of Bengali family, payesh is just not a sweet it is more than that. Payesh is a feeling which is can be seen and felt in almost every house of Bengali around the globe. Most Bengali’s remember this dish prepared by their grandmothers or mother on their birthdays. For non Bengalis Payesh is very much similar to Kheer, it always make its space after heavy meal. A bowl full of Payesh is nothing less than treat and can be eaten hot or cold because both are delight to taste buds.

Kheer Kadam

The best delight after meal you can ever have is this dish. Prepared with tempting combination of Khoya, milk, sugar and green cardamom is one most the loved sweet dish of Kolkata city. The unique thing about this dish is that it comprises of one layer of Khoya and another of milk and sugar. It is considered to be a hospitable gift while visiting to someone’s place.


One name different forms, Sandesh is one such simple dish which can be presented in various different forms. It is prepared in a very simplest way, Channa with sugar overheat and giving a shape of ball or any other shape which you like. You can find various variants of Sandesh all over the city without any difficulties. Sandesh has become so popular and important that you can find different forms of this sweet offer by different sweets shop in the city.

If you want to make your taste buds filled with sweet flavours, plan your trip to this sweet hub of the country and you won’t be disappointed at the end of your trip.

This was my time guys let me know in comments if you like the sweets of Kolkata, how many among this have you tried? I have tried Roshgulla till yet, will try others soon.

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11 thoughts on “Kolkata: The sweet hub of India!

  1. If you happen to visit Kolkata, visit Ganguram Sweets. My personal favourite is Sondesh…….they keep a wide variety of sweets like sondesh, mishti doi, rajbhog, etc……..Worth ordering. Their sweets are exported too.


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