Good afternoon people, I hope you all are doing good and many of you are fully vaccinated, I’m gonna be fully vaccinated soon. People get yourself immune as soon as possible because you are only going to get benefits from it.

Coming to today’s topic, topic is about an modern time angel who help us to reach a fairyland. A land where you can enjoy the most, feel the surreal surroundings and much more. This modern angel keeps power with itself to make your life exciting, active and adventurous. It gives you lots of opportunities to become a part of it, but at the end it totally depends on you.

Yes, I’m talking about Aeroplanes, a type of transport which people opt very commonly now days. Earlier I used to believe that aeroplane is just a mode of transport who help us to reach our destination in least possible time. But when I started to look this transport in different way I realised that yes aeroplanes are the most interesting or should I say exciting thing created by human ever!

I mean just think about it you are travelling above 30,000 feet all you can see is clouds, few birds and a good secenery. It still feels good to sit in a flight and watch yourself surrounded by these few things because even these little things can make you happy and give you a true wanderlust.

According to me aeroplanes is the creation which can make your dreams come alive. You might have travelled many numbers of times by flight, but even for a single time did you realised that you are leaving one city and entering another with some mystical clouds in between. Many of you might relised it many of you might not; I will suggest you haven’t next time please do so.

When I observed this thing I got goosebumps and a happy smile on my face realising that omg there cannot be any beautiful magic than this in current time. I have always been a departure person, I mean I like to go to places and when it times to come back to arrive to your land I get sad because the magical days are coming to end and all I have is few memories.

I have sat in aeroplane for handful number of times because I have always been a train person, train is the first love for me you can portray like that.  Though I have sat very less in aeroplane, but whenever I have undertaken journey through it my belief in angels and fairy land has grown stronger.

Someone has quoted really beautiful about the aeroplanes that “Aeroplanes are modern day angels who can take you to faraway land in just a wink of an eye”

 I suggest you next time you travel by aeroplane cherish these moments, enjoy the surroundings around you and your journey will end at thousand times better note.

This was my time guys, have fun reading Thursday Funday blog and be safe and keep travelling but with all precautions!!!!

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  1. Hope you watch entire serial, even your Grand Mother will recall ,How much nice it was to see this serial ,Mostly based on Indian Railway travel. Hope you get a good copy of the full series.


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