Himachal- the Treasure of delightful Gastronomy

Hello Lovelies, Its Thursday funday and time for new blog. Before that I have something to share with you all and i.e. I got vaciinated with my second dose this week. Yes I’m fully vaccinated and now I can enjoy bit of my freedom, yipeee!!!! Also something exciting is coming super soon, what? I will let you know soon.

Coming to today’s topic its about food the hot and spicy, the sweet and sour and the cold and fresh. All the foodies out there this blog is for you. So, Let’s get started…

 Besides being the land of breathtaking natural beauty and stunning locals, Himachal Pradesh aspires to make an impression and connection with travellers through its tempting food. Himachali cuisine is a perfect blend of different pahadi food experience.

Each valley in the state offers something important and contributes to the flavours and presentation of delicious cuisine. The unique aroma and flavour comes from cooking on slow flame and Yogurt and cardamom in the dish. Food is strongly influenced by the cuisine of Punjab and Tibet especially in its northern region.

The scrumptious food surprises every visitor right from road vendors to the authentic café and restaurant. It is said that Himachali people pour their heart out in their cuisines.

Here is the list of lip-smacking food which are must to try  


Madra is a delicacy whichoriginally belongs to the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It consists of soaked chick peas (chana) or vegetables and is cooked well in oil and various spices enhances the taste of the dish. It is a dish which represents the food culture of the state, every restaurant, every occasion and festival will have Madra to offer you with utmost love.


Dham is a complete food thali that comes along with a great taste and promises a healthy dose of nutrients. The dish includes daal, rice, rajma, curd, boor ki kadi and is very well complimented with gur. The distinctive feature is that it is prepared by special chefs known as “Botis” to taste this dish you need to visit the place during festivals.

Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath is nothing but authentic pulao of Himachal Pradesh. People cook it in their own styles with lots of spices. The dish also includes lentils, potatoes and yogurt along with turmeric, tomatoes and garlic. For best taste dish is served with mash dal and few drops of lime juice.


It is a dish which is prepared with lotus stem, thinly sliced lotus stems are cooked with ginger- garlic, onions and gram flour which adds unique and great taste to dish. This dish is found all over the state and is one of the favourites among localities.

Chha Gosht

If you are pure non-vegetarian, nothing is better than this dish. It is prepared with marinated lamb which is further cooked in gravy of gram flour and yougurt. The taste of dish is enhanced when it is cooked with Indian spices. Chha Gosht is must try dish while being in the state.


Made from wheat flour dish is complimented with mutton or some vegetables. It is a time consuming dish to prepare, but taste renders every moment spend in cooking. Siddu is considered as important staple of Himachali food. Eating Siddu will give you some real food cravings.

Kullu Trout Fish

The state promises with great number of non-vegetarian delicacies. Kullu Trout is a famous dish of Kullu region. The marinated fish is prepared with minimal spices to keep the nutrients and original taste of trout intact. It is considered as a healthiest cuisine of the state.

There is something special about entire Himachal Pradesh whatever it offers whether it’s about amazing climate or about cuisine it never forgets to surprise its travellers. To all the foodie’s out in the world, you must keep Himachali food must be at the top of your bucket list.

Visit Himachal Pradesh and fulfill your food cravings by trying these dishes.

This was my time guys, have fun reading the blog and I will update you soon with some exicting news.








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