Top 6 ways to celebrate World Tourism Day this year

We celebrate many festivals each year some are national, some cultural and some traditional. Gradually people have started to celebrate various international festivals such as Halloween, Black Friday and one such festival which people have started to celebrate since past few years is World Tourism Day.

A day to celebrate the happiness of getting a freedom to travel freely in the world, to learn and immerse oneself in new culture and live life like a localite. To learn about the different concepts of travel and accept those in our day to day life. In the real sense, just one day is not enough to celebrate travel. 

The best way to enjoy this event is to travel regularly, travel to make yourself healthy, to learn about yourself and to become the best friend of your own self. 

What is World Tourism Day?

Every year World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September every year. The day marks the celebration of the anniversary of the adoption of statues of organization in 1970. Which mark the establishment of the UNTWO United Nations World Tourism Organisation five years later. 

What is the theme of this World Tourism Day?

The theme of this World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’ The celebration will take place considering tourism’s ability to drive inclusive development and its role in promoting respect while bringing up opportunities for many millions across the globe.

Here are the top 6 ways to celebrate this global event while we sat home

Watch a travel Movie

There cannot be any best way to celebrate the day by watching some iconic travel movies which gave us real travel wanderlust and it won’t stop. Plan a movie date in your favourite cosy corner in home and binge watch some great travel movies such as Yeh Jawani hai Deewani, Zinadgi na Millegi Dobara, Dil Chata hai and many such. Make your day with such travelholic movies.

Plan to visit a destination virtually

With Technological Development, the world has grown wide and come closer too! Today we can sit in one corner of the room and travel world without any difficulty that too without a single expanse. Amazing isn’t it? You can log on to various travel website and undertake a 360 degree tour of favourite country, state or city.

Update traveholic background in your device

Your celebration for the day can start with you updating the wallpapers of your gadgets. Keep wallpaper which can motivate you more to travel to explore and especially can cheer up your mood to conquer the future adventure or travel bucket list you have been waiting since long. 

Take out the box of memories you collected in your past trips

Just a happy girl at her favorite place

Looking and cherishing the memories created in the past is the best activity to do for the day. Take out the old photographs, souvenirs or artefacts which you collected in past. Sit with your family and loved ones and have a good fun conversation talking about those good days.

Prepare your favourite travel dish

If travel is life, food is heart prepare your favourite travel dish which you adore the most, invite your traveller friends enjoy your lunch or dinner with tempting food and spend your day with giggles and laughs.

Plan for your next trip.

Planning your future trips is the most desirable and the perfect thing to end your celebration of World Tourism Day. Plan your trip to the next destination in your bucket list and this will motivate you to save, work hard and fulfil all to do list in your journey!

Celebrate World Tourism day with lots of travel enthusiasm and motivation for planning trips, completing wanderlust and most importantly becoming best version of yourself!

Happy World Tourism Day to you all! Keep Travelling, Keep Exploring…..








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