Just like a Cotton Candy…

Hello fellow readers, I’m back after two long weeks, but these two weeks were the most beautiful period for me in the entire pandemic. The reason I didn’t posted a blog is that in the first week I was packing for the trip and in second I came back and didn’t got any time.

But don’t worry there are back to back blogs coming your way so get ready to be bombard with lots of stories and experience. Talking about today’s topic, its all about in the air with lots of creatures and some beautiful creations by nature.

Let me start from very beginning, those who all don’t know I undertook a trip to Amritsar, Punjab. My favourite city, the city which means to me a lot and which is nothing less than a haven for me.

Yes, finally after a year I planned a trip with my family to this destination and it was much needed. In this entire trip I got lots of surprises I will let you know what they were gradually. But as for now let me disclose the first two. Now here comes the first surprise i.e. dad booked air tickets and that too of Vistara the premium airline currently existing in the country. So I was like yipee it’s a good start for the trip. I got the second surprise just a week ago before the trip and that was we will be boarding flight from Terminal 2 of Mumbai and that was part of International Airport.

Many of you might know I have been obbessed with Mumbai International Airport since the day I saw it from outside. And finally my dream true! You won’t believe I was so exicted that I literally decided my Airport look as other artists and celebrities do. I know it’s little stupid but me being me I get exicted for things very quickly.

Finally the day came I checked in at the airport and I became a happy little kid who was just similing and seeing the interior beauty of the place. The waiting area, the lounge, the ambiance all was just amazing. I was about to sit in one corner and pinch myself to realise that yes its true I’m inside of the biggest airport in the country the next moment my flight got annouced and I started to move towards boarding area.

As I was moving through aerobridge to enter the flight my heart was pounding so fast it was all exictment. I entered the flight I got the window seat the day just got too lucky for me! Within 20 min I was in the air. All I could see was gaint white cotton candies, no I wasn’t craving to eat them but I was feeling like pausing the moment and step out and get a ride on those.

Now that’s why dreams exist in our life it can be just a dream and nothing else. I have explained the beauty and feeling of being in between clouds but experincing them so closly and that too in different shapes and structure was new thing for me.

Each cloud had its own story, each cloud was showcasing some event and it was seeming like each cloud is trying to have conversation with me and waving me all the best for the adventures awaiting in the trip. I have eaten cotton candies many times, but seeing this form of cotton candies and that too this beautiful was surreal and happy!!!

This was my time readers, have fun reading my cotton candy story and let me know what that important thing is for you in the flight journey!!! Are we like minded when it comes to flying through Aeroplanes let me know in comments

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