8 flasks which will keep you hydrated in your next trip!

Good evening readers, Hectic Monday is about to end in few hours and it’s time for a new blog with a different angle but with same niche. I will be posting these types of blogs every Monday and best part about such blogs will be that I will be giving you certain advice or tips which you can use or keep in mind while travelling!
So, let’s get started with the first ever advice for your next journey which can help you pull out your trip easy, simple and with zero problems.

Being hydrated is one of the important rules of keeping yourself fit and healthy. The key reason why lots of people undergo various health issues is that they don’t drink enough amount of water. Water is the primary source of living and the more you drink the more you keep yourself away from any kind of diseases or health issues. 

There was time when people used to carry those mini water jugs on the trip to store drinking water while travelling. Even I have drunk from the jugs, my mum and grandma used to fill the jug with water and I used to drink from it on my way to my home town. 
Talking about today, the trend of using jugs has vanished and now people carry flasks or bottles with them on the trips and keep refilling it by transferring water from packaged water bottles to their flasks. It is a good thing though having your flask with you so that you don’t have to carry a jug which is counted as extra luggage while travelling. 

I too use huge flasks on the journeys and here are the top 8 flasks that I found to be useful to keep oneself hydrated

1. Tritan Fruit Infuser BPA free Flask:

This fruit infuser BPA-free flask is a durable product to carry with you on the trip. It is crafted with high-quality material and can be used by anyone kids, youngsters and adults. Other than traveling, the flask can also turn out to be useful for your gym, office, school, college, and much more. Some of the key features to use this flask include environmentally friendly, ordure-free, lightweight, and stylish flask which you can accommodate yourself without any issues. 

2. Snow Star Stainless Steel Travel Flask:

This elegant and rich colour 1 litre flask is the most recommended to buy while travelling, going to work, gym, play and all other usual activities. One of the best parts about this product is that it is cheap, light weight and the quality is the reason that it can be preserved for large amount of time. The design of the flask is simple and classic because of which you won’t be able to resist buying it. 

3. Bot- All Click Vaccum Flask:

Looking for a container to keep your liquid hot or cold then this flask might turn out to be the right one for you. Flask maintains the temperature for up to 12 hours and hence you can keep your drink hot or cold inside it without any difficulties. The classic black colour and the single click lid are some of the attractive features of the product. It is made of sustainable steel and is useful for various purposes. 

4. Pexpo Chromo Flask:

Fill your chromo flask with water and keep yourself hydrated for more than 2 hours. This flask has the capacity of 1000 litres and hence you need not worry about refilling your flask again and again. It is made up of rich quality stainless steel and is ordure free as well as eco friendly

5. Speedex 1000ml Matt Finish Flask

Speedex’s flask is known for its quality and durability. This flask is nothing less in terms of the above factors, instead, it is much lightweight and having the capacity of 1000 ml it is the most affordable flask you can ever shop. Other than for travelling, gym and office you can also use it as a gift hamper on the eve of festivals to gift it to your loved ones. 

6. Craft trade Copper Flask 

Copper trade flask is in trend and can be seen in lots of hands in recent times. Copper is considered to be a good container for water storage since olden times. This decorative cover flask is the key reason which attracts lots of eyes towards it. The design and the quality is the reason why this copper flask is most recommended. 

There are various flasks available out there based on quality and price. These are the top 6 flasks that are highly recommended by me, as I have personally reviewed them!
Let me know in the comments which flask did you like the most!

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