Gurupurab- the birth of the divine human!

Hello everyone, Satri Akal I hope you all are fine and doing good, let’s begin with today’s blog! after a long time I’m writing a blog on a topic which I’m very fascinated about, an idea or belief which has been with me in all my good and bad times.

I belong to a Punjabi background, a community or religion in India which is known for its kindness, dignity and helpful nature. My ancestors and my grandparents all belong from the land of Pakistan, they migrated to India post-Independence. I have heard various stories from my grandma about her migration and how she grew up in India. 

Sorry for derailing the topic, all I meant to say is my grandma is from the land where the ideology of Sikhism started. Since the day I was born in my family, grandma has been reciting me the stories and short poems about the beliefs and concepts established by Lord Guru Nanak. 

My mother and grandma have always made me pray, believe and remember him in every moment of my life no matter sad or happy. Thanks to both of these incredible women of my life that today I have accepted that whatever I’m today wherever I’m and with whom so behind this there is nobody but Gurunank Devji. 

Who is Guru Nanak?

Guru Nanak is a Hindu saint who was born in a small family in 1439 in the town of Punjab which is present day in Pakistan. He is also called as Baba Nanak and he was first of 10 Sikh Gurus. He was the one who founded the concept that God is one and we all are part of one human race despite of caste, religion or background.

Saint Guru Nank Dev ji

What are the concepts established by Guru Nanak?

Guru Nanak as a person was so kind, compose and peaceful in his life that he has passed on this ideology of life through his teachings. 

Guru Nanak has considered everyone equal in his eye whether its women or men, poor or rich everyone is equal in front of God. 

He believes that women are the most beautiful creation of the god, they are the ones who scarifies everything for the happiness of their family in different walks of life. 

He travelled all around the world to give the message that a person should live his/her life by just working hard and remembering the creator of this universe every moment.

Some of his teachings includes-

Nam Japo – pray to god

Wand shako – share with everyone

Kirt karo – hard work

What is the significance of Gurupurab?

Every year Gurupurab is celebrated to mark the birth of Saint Guru Nanak Devji and the teachings taught by him. Gurupurab is celebrated all around the world with great enthusiasm, but the biggest celebration of Gurupurab in the world can be seen at Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan. 

Kartarpur Sahib, Pakistan

This is the place where the holy Saint got settled after travelling and spreading his thoughts all around the world. All you need is a Visa and Passport to visit this ancient and the most important gurudwara in Sikh Community after Golden Temple.

On Gurupurab people get ready and visit Gurudwara. Lots of holy activities keep happening all around the day such as Kirtan, Ardas, Bhog, Langar and much more. 

Talking about me I love getting ready and going to gurudwara with my family. I attain kirtan, Ardas crave for lots of Kada Prasad and Langar, I accept those are my guilty pleasures!!

Every year I wait for Gurupurab so that I can visit gurudwara and pray as well as thanks Waheguru Ji (a holy term used to describe God in Guru Granth Sahib) for making me a good brighter and stronger person each day. 

This Gurupurab visit a gurudwara near you and immerse yourself in this heavenly spiritual festival of the year. 

This was my time guys, Happy GuruPurab to all of you and Waheguruji da Khalsa Waheguru ji di Phate…

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