End is near or might not be…..

Hands are cold, feet are craving for socks, cosy blankets and hands are in need of hot cup of coffee. These are the present feelings I’m currently going through. Bonsoir (Good evening in french) people, I hope you all are good and enjoying this cold season of switching off the fan and sitting in the warmer corner of the house. 

We are in the last month of 2021, it’s the first of December I’m sitting on my dining table with the background voice of rain and enjoying the touch of my cold feet rubbing with each other.

One more year is about to end with lots of good and bad memories. Let’s cherish this last month with all the positive vibes so that the new year can start on new positive hope.

Especially for all the Mumbaikar’s like me, winters have arrived a bit late for us but better late than ever statement fits well for the moment. It is not a discovery to say that the official winter season in our country is from October to January, but things were different this year. This year I saw something different.

 I saw rains in the odd seasons and in a very odd manner. There was a day when it was like a sunny afternoon, rainy evenings and winter night, things are somewhat going wrong with our ecosystem and we are only responsible for it.

Anyhow, it didn’t matter to me much because I was home during the entire year. It would have affected me if I would be going regular to college and travelling, but never mind I was and I’m at home with my laptop, online lectures on it and continuously fetching for a new topic and trying to make you all happy and stick to my deep urge of wanderlust!

Getting back to the topic, winter has come and is the only favourite season of mine in the entire year. There are many reasons to love this season but a few prominent reasons are that my birthday comes during this season, I try to undertake trips during this season as the climate is perfect to explore a destination.

 Last and most importantly I love going out in winters mornings and enjoying the cold air breeze touching my face and making my skin glow.

Winters are known to be as the official season to undertake travel or long trips. It has been more than two years since I haven’t taken one but some scholar has said that Patience is the Key to Success, in my case it’s key to my happiness. Soon I will start travelling once again regularly at the end that’s the hope on which my life is going on currently!

I agree I miss travelling but safety is a primary concern and talking about safety new Covid variant has been recently discovered by WHO named as Omicron and the research is saying it is a bit more effective than the previous ones. Please take care of yourself people, follow the Covid norms and be safe wherever you go and whatever you do, at the end of day if your health is not good then there is no travel.

Winters in Mumbai have arrived with heavy rainfall so it’s happy winters with rains pitter-patter! Currently, I’m sitting and smiling while writing this blog to share happiness of welcoming my favourite season of the year once again.

This was my time guys, have fun reading the blog and have a safe and beautiful winter.

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