Top 8 accessories to be kept handy while travelling with kids.

Those were the days when packing was just a cakewalk while planning for a trip. All that needed to be done was decide the dates and place of travel, everything used to get sort out eventually. 
Living and travelling in the 21st century has become quite tactful job to handle and if you are planning a trip with a kid then it is more sophisticated. 
Travelling with a kid requires a huge amount of patience along with a proper checklist so that you don’t forget certain stuff during hustle. 
I also have prepared a small checklist of things which are must to carry while travelling with a kid.

Here is a list top 8 accessories which need to be kept as handy

Rabbit Picaboo Grand 4 in 1 Multi-Purpose Baby Carry Cot Cum Car Seat

This is the primary and the most important thing to take with you on a trip. Carry Cot is light and comfortable and is best preferred for infants while undergoing a road trip. It can carry weight of baby from 0-13kg and the side wings are padded with soft cloth so that baby does not feel any hard part of it. The cot is easily detachable and is one of the most recommended things for the safety and comfort of baby.

A Baby Cherry – Nursing Cover for Baby Breastfeeding

Those were the days when feeding a baby in public was a task and mothers would require privacy to do so. Talking about today with technological advancements and new inventions feeding is no more a thing of shrinking. You can breastfeed your baby with this nursing cloth which is soft, comfy and most importantly protective. Other than feeding you can also use this for various other purposes such as car seat cover, light baby blanket fashionable scarf for mom and many such.

Quick Dry Waterproof Bed Protector

This waterproof bed protector is a true blessing for all the mothers out there. Babies undergo diapers changing at regular hours of the day and while travelling the need might increase more. In that case this waterproof bed is the best thing you can keep handy with yourself. Whenever there is a need all you need to do is open waterproof bed and make your baby change diapers without any issue. The material is soft that baby won’t even feel any kind of disturbance.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are the most needed things to clean the baby. Wipes are doctor recommended and are healthy for the skin of babies too. This mother Sparsh wipes are organic and 100% plant based. Whenever baby undergoes rashes, the mother often thinks to change diapers, but this time change your wipes and you will be happy to see the glowing skin of your baby.

Mylo Essentials 100% Cloth Diapers for Babies

Earlier diapers were only made from cotton and disposable materials and that was the reason parents used to stress upon buying big packs of diapers. Currently, as we are living in the 21st century, time has changed and so does the diapers. Now you can buy reusable cloth diapers which are 100% made from cotton fabric. Save yourself from buying huge chunks of disposable diapers and buy these organic cloth diapers for your babies on next trip.

Fisher-Price Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder

This silicone food feeder bottle is a blessing to all the mothers who undergo travel with their newborn. You can store any food inside this and can feed your baby without any difficulty. The key point about this feeder is that it is environment friendly, BPA free and is safe for babies.

Philips Avent Silicone Rubber Classic Soft Spout Cup

Spout cups make babies happy and help them to have water or milk comfortably. The body of this cup is made from high quality material that is safe for baby. You can use it while you are travelling and keep it handy so that whenever the baby requires it you can use it within no time.

Fisher-Price Ultra care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh

Small babies are always in need of something to suck and nibblers are the best product for it. These nibblers act as their best friends in their cranky and irritating moods. You can use a nibbler to put in the mouth of babies to calm them or make them go to sleep. Fisher Price food nibbler is the best product for the babies as it comes in form of bottle and most importantly it is safe for them. 

Handcuff backpacks for Baby and Mother

The backpack is not the least but the most essential thing to carry while travelling. As the backpack is the base for carrying all the necessary items listed above. This is a multifunctional waterproof backpack and it accommodates nearly all your baby’s essential stuff right from diapers, food, a bed to clothes. Do not forget to buy this while planning trip with your newborn.

These are the most essential items recommended by me while travelling with a newborn kid. Though various other kinds of stuff go in the checklist while planning, these are the basic and highly preferred by the new mothers. 
Hoping that this guide will ease your stress while travelling with your kid!


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