Best Places to vist during winter in India

Good evening readers, time for another blog in the series of winter season and I hope this travel guide will give you some real cravings to undergo on long trips to the land where nature cover itself in the mystical beauty of white colour.

Winters are that time of the year when climate is pretty cold, air is pleasant and most importantly you can undertake trips to places where you can make yourself feel warm. The best part about travelling in winter is that you get fresh and cold air every time you step out.

In countries like India, travel season begins from winter sessions, you will find lots of destinations and weekend gateway opening up to welcome tourists. At some locations you may find people enjoying adventure activities in snow while at some people are having their leisure time with a long walk or having a luxurious massage or spa . 

India is a hub of surprises when it comes to winter travel, here is a list of places where you can plan your trip in winters. 

Gulmarg, Kashmir

The state which is considered as haven of India is the best place to travel in winters. Entire state shows its true charming beauty during this period. Though there are various locations where you can enjoy winter, one such place is Gulmarg the location where you can enjoy the real beauty of snowy mountains, snow adventure activities and much more. Do not forget to make ice igloo while enjoying snow in Gulmarg. 

Munnar, Kerala

It time to travel!!!!

If you are not snow lover then Munnar can turn out the best option for you. Weather in this place is perfect to explore during winters. Being a hill station and known for huge acres of  tea fields you can explore the place on feet and enjoy the trip while having some yummy food, undertaking tour to tea fields, taking photographs in between tea are some of the to do things in Munna. Do not forget to buy organic tea while coming back.

Auli, Uttrakhand

Surrounded by mountains, Auli is a small deserted place in Uttrakhand visited during winters. The place is paradise for adventure activities; you can find lots of trekkers, mountaineers, hikers, paraguilders visiting this place to enjoy the winter season with lots of thrills and active fun sessions. Visit this place with your friends and family to make your winter trip memorable.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is the evergreen and one of the famous and most visited places during winters. The place is known for its small and narrow streets, huge mountains, ancient temples and lip smacking mountain dishes. Manali is known as winter paradise and stands true to its statement. Weather becomes so pleasant that you can explore the place on feets.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Entire northeast is beautiful no matter whatever season you decide to visit it. Among the seven sisters one such state is Arunachal Pradesh which becomes surreal during winter season and the best place in this state is Tawang which is describe as the winter paradise of Northeast. The place surprises you with natural beauty as well as historical stories. Do not forget to visit the Tawang Monestry to experience the serenity.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Visit Darjeeling, lay back and sip tea while enjoying the pleasant climate. Winter brings lots of joy to this place as lots of cultural and tourism festivals are conducted during this period. If you want to know more about their culture do indulge yourself in this celebration. Also do not forget to enjoy cold breeze while travelling through toy train.

Plan your winter vacation to these places and have lots of fun making memories for life. As winters carries a special place in my heart and how much I write for it and on it, it will always be less.

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