Tips to travel in Mumbai ki Locals

Every traveller who travels to Mumbai gets nostalgic by seeing huge skyscrapers, scenic beaches, marvellous architecture, lovely people, typical Mumbai cultures and the local trains. These are some of the best adjectives to describe the City of Dreams.

Mumbai is the city where you will find everyone rushing in different directions for work, to earn daily live hood or to find small corners in this huge city which they can call home. On one corner you will find buses running in the narrow streets filled with hustle and bustle of Mumbaikar’s. 

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 While on other you will see people getting down from running train to rush to their destination and save themselves from getting late. For all the first timers all these facts will make them stand in confusion, and to solving this confusion is another big challenge.

Inside the Local Train

Being a Mumbaikar I know the difficulties which one can face while travelling by local train for the first time and hence here the few key tips which you can remember while travelling by local’s next time!

Key tips to keep in mind:

Keep yourself updated about all the routes 

Mumbai locals are divided into various routes. Each route is different and yet intermingling at some or the other stations. After deciding your place, acknowledge yourself with the route on which your station lies, the best way to learn about this is through the application specially designed for the trains in the city. M-Indicator can turn out to be your true guide for using Mumbai locals.

Do not forget about the ticket 

Tickets are mandatory for travelling by locals. Each station has its ticket corner and you will find a huge queue outside it during rush hours. There are different types of tickets which you can buy as per your preference. You can buy a single ticket if you are doing a single route journey, if you want to return to your starting point then you can buy return ticket. Apart from this, there are also different season passes which you can buy to save your time from buying a ticket every day. 


Read and Listen 

You need to have good communication skills to learn about the schedule of locals. You can find indicators and speakers put up at various points of stations. Indicators will help you to identify the station for which train is scheduled and what its type whether it is slow or fast. Speakers will help you to listen to any last-minute announcements which can save your time from getting confused and catching train.

Time is valuable 

In a city like Mumbai time is money, every single minute cost like a penny. Similarly, with Local trains, each train arrives at it scheduled time sometimes they may get late but will ensure that it will make you reach your destination on time. So, look for your timings and catch your train accordingly.

Types of Trains 

There are two types of local trains which you can find in the city. One is the Non-Ac and traditional local train the other one is modern day Ac locals. Each of these locals is divided into various compartments. Second class and first class are the two divisions, the basic difference in this class is of seats, in second class you will find iron made seats while in first class you will find seats made of the cushion.

 Other than this there is a different section for heavy luggage and physically challenged people. Do not end up yourself sitting in wrong section and paying fine!

These are a few quick and useful tips to remember while travelling by locals. The best time to enjoy the true scenario of Mumbai locals is travelling during rush hours, you see actual pushing, fighting’s and quarrel to alight and get down from the train. 

The first timer may find it a bit difficult but once you get accustomed, you won’t be able to resist yourself from this fast, cheap and most preferred transportation of Mumbai City.

Have fun reading the blog and let me know your one favorite thing about Mumbai ki Locals…..

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